Black Wave

Thoughts bwbymt by Michelle Tea, Feminist Press 2016, 326 pages

Challenge: Tournament of Books
Genre: LGBTQ
Type/Source: Tradeback (with lovely deckle edge) / purchased directly from publisher.
 Why I read this now: Book arrived just in time.

MOTIVATION for READING: By the way, the Tournament Brackets have been announced. The fun starts March 8 with this book versus The Underground Railroad. I’m cheering for Black Wave. Actually, the March 8 date will likely be the Pre-Tournament Play-in Match and I’m going to predict Sudden Death.

WHAT’s it ABOUT: This is a cleverly told tale of a writer attempting her second book and experiencing ‘life’ so she will have things to write about. Let’s just say her life experiences are dramatic and risky. There’s also that environment/weather gone haywire issue.

“The planet’s dead,” Kym said cheerfully.

WHAT’s GOOD: I loved her tone, her wording, the style. I loved her nonchalance, her waywardness, her passions. No matter what her lifestyle decisions, she nailed that universal mid-to-late 20s ‘now what?!‘ malaise. There is humor and there is end of the world tragedy. What’s not to love? She also gets to meet Matt Dillon!


What’s NOT so good: I thought this book just kept getting better and better. There are definitely some fiction-nonfiction (anti-memoir? “autofiction”?) curveballs to the narrative but just roll with it.

FINAL THOUGHTS: My goodreads review is this:

A love story. A tender whacked-out apocalyptic love story.

Other REVIEWs:  Teresa at Shelf Love writes a fabulous review that tells you much more than I do.

RATING: Five slices of pie. Pie with ice cream, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and Shepherd’s Pie!




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18 thoughts on “Black Wave

  1. Your tags! I’m going to say that Betsy DeVos seems exactly like the banning type, doesn’t she? Banning is an act of the uninformed, and that woman is anything but informed. What a disgrace to education.

    When are you going to reveal your bracket? Are you getting exciting? How many more do you have to read?

    You totally devoured this one, so I see that as a sign of just how much you loved it. I’ll have to give it another look!

    1. When I get (if) all the books read I will post my bracket. Each time I fill it out, I do it differently. I’m not good a committing to things like this. This is a fun book and I learned a lot. Ahem.

  2. You probably already know I ate at a table with Matt Dillon on my honeymoon, a lifetime ago (we were at a Benihana’s and Dillon and a fluffy blonde chick shared our table). If not, now you know. I had no idea who he was but I just happened to have a magazine with his photo in it, which I found after the meal.

    1. I look forward to your review, whenever that may be. I have a long list of books starting to pile up for post-TOB. I am actually proud of myself for being able to juggle all that I have going while keeping up with The Bone Clocks!

    1. Well. I thought her review was thorough and insightful and told much more than I did here. Hmmm, and yet I pushed your over the edge?! uh oh. The book chemistry stuff is so weird, isn’t it? I was just charmed somehow.

  3. I’m kind of bummed that this is up against The Underground Railroad. I liked both of them in different ways, but Underground Railroad seems universally beloved and hard to beat. I’d like to see this make it through a couple of rounds because it’s such an interesting book. But the TOB is known for dramatic upsets, so maybe it’ll make it through!

  4. litandlife

    I hadn’t even heard of this one until TOB but even that doesn’t make it an automatic read for me. Thanks for introducing me to this one – it’s definitely going on the tbr now!

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