The Bone Clocks … Mid-Read Thoughts

Lookie!!  So exciting:



Yes. The famous author actually tweeted at our readalong and the fan girls went crazy.




OK, that’s all I got. I’m a bad readalong host. I’m listening to the audiobook and am still not to the end of the Ed Brubeck – part 3 section… Great Auntie knows what’s up but will Ed play along or will he be an ass?

I really liked Holly – part 1 and Hugo – part 2 was very entertaining. Where this evil goddess Miss Constantin will come into play next, who knows?!

Lots and lots of pie. Mitchell is on the short list for the 2017 Pie in Lit Award, but it IS only January.

I’ll keep listening…  Go read Melissa’s thoughts –> here <–.






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20 thoughts on “The Bone Clocks … Mid-Read Thoughts

  1. I read about 100 pages of The Bone Clocks when I got it as a review copy and then??? I just stopped reading it. It was not the book! I really liked the book but something came up and then I misplaced he book and I want to say that was the one my daughter spilled water on but then I got another copy… don’t know where it is now.

    That tweet!! Much love.

  2. Yup, I fan-girled everywhere when he replied to my tweet. Sometimes I get stuck reading so many classics that I forget some authors are still alive and might see my thoughts on social media. Bahaha. I actually love the audio version. I keep rereading portions in a hard copy, but I love the different narration of each section.

  3. I saw that and squealed out loud on your behalf! Also, it really makes me want to read this one now. Any author who interacts like that gets an automatic thumbs up in my book!

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  5. Finally posted my Mid-Readalong thoughts today! I lost my notes, so I’m a bad readalong participant. Want to read the rest of The Bone Clocks without stopping now that I’m 3/4 into it. Holly Sykes is the best character!

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