Thoughts hgbyyg by Yaa Gyasi, Knopf 2016, 305 pages

Challenge: TOB Long List, Diversity
Genre: ?? Contemporary Lit + Historical Perspective?
Type/Source: Hardback / Library
 Why I read this now: Library told me it was ready.

MOTIVATION for READING: I love the premise for this and knowing it is winning a ton of praise and accolades, well – sign me up.

WHAT’s it ABOUT: Two sisters, born in Africa in the 18th century are separated and actually never knew of the other’s existence. One is sent to the US to be a slave, the other fights for survival ‘at home’ and gives legacy in Africa. The story is told by alternating sister line and generation.

WHAT’s GOOD:  POWERFUL. Characters are engaging and compelling, showing strength and weaknesses. Individuals each, doing the best they can with circumstances and the weight of fate and prophecy.

What’s NOT so good: I really enjoyed all of it.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The dialogue captured me throughout. I think the author did really well in this regard. The imagination! the RESEARCH. yowza. And able to construct a timeline of experiences and hit on so many relevant issues so topical was extraordinary.

It is a book that I’ve been recommending as fascinating and appealing to many.

RATING: Four slices of pie but maybe should be five, or at least/most with lots and lots of real cream whipped on top.


I do not think I encountered any pie…



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14 thoughts on “Homegoing

    1. These are all books I read in December! School got out and I devoured books for Holiday vacation. Now I feel like they must be reviewed before I can do my summary post.

  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed reading Homegoing. I have it on my 2017 shortlist. It was one of the books on the BookBrowse list of bests for 2016, and I am planning to work my way through reading any of the books that I haven’t already.

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