Another Brooklyn

Thoughts abbyjw by Jacqueline Woodson, 177 pages

Challenge: TOB Long List, Diversity
Genre: Contemporary Lit (have you noticed I put most books in this genre?)
Type/Source: Hardback / Library
 Why I read this now:  Put it on hold at the library – it came in.

MOTIVATION for READING: Have been wanting to read some JW for some time now.

WHAT’s it ABOUT: It’s a slice of time and place book. Did it have a plot? It must have? I am only remembering how similar it was to me of James McBride’s Color of Water – though to be perfectly honest (impossible) I do not think I thought of that book while I was reading this book. Just came to me now.

WHAT’s GOOD: I gave this five stars on goodreads. Probably just that euphoria of being out of school, on holiday break, reading like oxygen. All the books I devoured were so damn tasty! I just like a book that feels solid and real and having that comfort that the author is capable and more.

Great QUOTE: “One day, my body would tell the world stories beneath the fabric of my clothes.”

What’s NOT so good: Doozy! oh what to write here?

. . .  crickets . . .

FINAL THOUGHTS: Love me a short book, love me a book that creates a real portrait of time and place – that transports me and is still not too long and fussy. This is just really really good. It was like a Polaroid snapshot of a different reality, true but fiction. Fiction by true.

RATING: Five slices of pie. Bean pie. Muslim Bean Pie. I cannot wait to try and will be selecting this as my next pie to create. Maybe for Jan 23 Pie Day.

To read a good article about bean pie, follow the link from this sentence. . .

“No one can say pi is wrong.”



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