Care’s Gift Idea Guide

EXCITING GIFTS to get me YOUR LOVED ONES this Holiday or anytime, really.

  1.  thecommonArrange for a Postcard from a Favorite Author!   The Common Foundation is raising money for a good cause (encouraging emerging novelists, etc.) by arranging personal postcards from a variety of impressive writers. CHECK IT OUT!  (and quickly, this only has a week to go.)


2.  Photo Stamps! oande I have created custom stamps for years and they make great gifts. There are many companies that are licensed to do this but I’ve used and like their simplicity of creating and ordering.

3. Books. Books are always a good idea. Gift cards to bookstores? books


4. Pie supplies. What are “PIE SUPPLIES”, you ask? Well, my favorite are cute mini-pie cropped-img_6296.jpg dishes of ceramic. And I love my flour flourwand shaker wand (I own two so I don’t need another). You could get someone a pastry scissors or cutter tool for making fancy lattice strips. ayofpbyae Or pie books, of course. And gift cards to places like King Arthur Flour…  I have also given “Pie Coupons” away but sadly, rarely ever get them redeemed. I think they forget. Which is why just baking a pie and thrusting it upon others is the best way. That’s how “those people who live near me” get treated in my neighborhood. I also support and recommend Beth Howard’s Pie-Evangelism and she has two books available. Click on her logo to find out more –> twnmp



5. DONATIONS in someone’s name. I have done this, especially when I don’t know if they need anything. I would be honored if someone made a donation to a charity that is close to my heart OR their heart. Just as long as a good deed is made, that’s cool.  I have given to food banks in the towns where my loved ones live so that their town is blessed. And I have purchased water buffaloes and chickens through Heifer waterbuff International. I have given to my parents’ church so they get their name in the bulletin – usually to donate flowers for the alter at their anniversary. I am considering donating to the library that they frequent.



6. Pizza. Pizza is pie, right? Easy-peasy to give online gift certificates from a pizza place in their town so no mailing involved whatsoever. I always think this is a great idea – who doesn’t love a pizza party? Especially good for a family gift all at once.


What kind of gifts do you like to give when thinking of that right something is difficult?






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10 thoughts on “Care’s Gift Idea Guide

  1. Bookman and I mostly do donations for the various parts of our family. We have fun choosing where to donate and we take pleasure in putting their name on donations to causes they would never donate to (like help for Syrian immigrants or environmental activist groups). Oh, that makes me sound like a wicked person but at least it is for a good cause!

  2. The pie book looks good!
    And I like the idea of buying a whole family an online gift card for pizza – I would never have thought of that. I know just the family…

  3. I don’t even know what a flour shaker wand is! I made an apple pie from scratch once. It turned out pretty good. I should really try again sometime!

    That author postcard thing is really cool. Currently $50 for an Angela Flournoy postcard – a steal! 🙂

  4. Such original gift ideas! I love the thought of arranging for a postcard being sent from a favorite author. I will have to check that out for my daughter in law. She was smitten with all the authors at the latest convention that I took her too, and I just know she would love it.

  5. litandlife

    What is a flour shaker wand? Is it essential to pie making? If so, that would explain why my pie crusts are best purchased.

  6. Mmm, well, I do love giving Heifer International animals. I mostly stick with MSF these days because I feel like I have a better grip on what their impact is, but there is something ineffably satisfying about giving a CAMEL. (Or whatever.) It’s so clear what’s going on when you’ve bought a camel. ONE CAMEL.

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