Mini Mini Reviews and Not Much More

My friends, my friends.

I have read much, listened to much while not blogging of late. I have much to recap. I have read and enjoyed much. Much is the word.

I purchased this wisbyriWomen in Science by Rachel Ignotofsky for the children of a friend who required birthday presents. (the presents were for the kids’ – 4 of them – birthdays not the friend’s) Don’t worry! I also sent candy and confetti and garland and more books. But this was the one I purchased in hopes to influence young minds. Personally, I thought the tone a bit ‘piled-on’. OK, already; women are great. “Thou dost protest too much.” Sigh… Yea, I own my bad feminism. I also took off a point for the dark font on dark background. Guess I’m old. Which is why I’m hoping these youngin’s will read, appreciate and larn sumthin’. That women can and have done way far more than they get credit for and will continue to do so and people should pay attention and give credit and respect. Three slices of pie.

Citizen citbycr by Cynthia Rankin. I want to read more poetry. I know I need to read more poetry. I feel like I should read more poetry. I realize this book is not quite poetry as I expect – is that the best kind? This book is powerful and heavy. Felt it in my bones and heart but still realize that there is much I cannot ‘get’ and that’s ok. I’m willing to keep attempting to reach and learn and respect and lean in and lean out and lean humble, probably lean strong. I purchased this book at my local Indie bookstore.

Then I jumped into an audiobook with comedienne extraordinaire, Phoebe Robinson’s You Can’t Touch My Hair. yctmhbypr I am not sure I have laughed this hard in a long time (I read it before the election and already feels like eons ago). Ms Robinson explained a few things (ok, lots of things) to me. I probably could/should re-listen. Very enjoyable and extremely informative to my demographic, (ahem.) She mentions the movie Michael with Travolta which has one of the best pie songs ever recorded in film. (I wrote Ms Robinson a fan letter. I wrote Lindy West of Shrill, too. I like to write letters…)

Remember to laugh. 

I listened to an audiobook by John Scalzi that was being offered free by tdbyjs It was wonderful!  It was 2+ hours. Enjoyed it very much. I follow Mr. Scalzi on Twitter and should read something longer by him. Someday.  (I already had him on the authors-I-must-get-to list, I think, but a sample is nice.)

I quickly moved on to another audiobook that was utterly delightful. Realizing it is Nonfiction November and I had failed to plan for this AND having just read TriniCapini’s lovely Litsy post of how good it is, I used an Audible credit to get As You Wishaywbyce written and narrated by Cary Elwes. SO GOOD. I also watched the movie again. SO GOOD!

Overlapping with As You Wish, I read Barbara Claypole White’s debut novel tugbybcw The Unfinished Garden. I really REALLY enjoyed it. I think it is one of my favorites of hers. Maybe Perfect Son is my favorite, and this was lovely, too. I am now in a state of fandom where I have to wait for an author to publish again – I’ve read everything else by her. This is a rare thing. I usually don’t ‘follow’ an author. One more fun fact: I read all of her books in this calendar year. Another no-small-feat accomplishment for me. It would be remiss of me to fail to mention some of the BEST pie references are in this book!!!! I hope to capture in another post.


I just yesterday finished Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. I will write another post just for this book soon…

Also, FYI – I just today started The World According to Garp. O.M.G. Oh, Mr Irving, you are a rascal. Yowza. I’m already to Garp’s birth scene. The whole Garp conception scene was … memorable. Let’s go with ‘memorable’, shall we?

Keep reading, friends. Keep on, keepin’ on. Be vigilant.




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16 thoughts on “Mini Mini Reviews and Not Much More

  1. I typed a comment here, but I think it dissapeared. Anyway: I like the idea of Women in Science so much! I am sorry about the tone. I get the same feeling sometimes about these sorts of stories. It makes me wonder whether a different tone wouldn’t make it appear more “normal”. Then again, I get the overt assetion, because it feels necessary in a landscape that so often ignores women. It is a conundrum, right?

    1. Hello Iris! Yes, I do think it is a conundrum and another reminder that everything has its shades of gray? I, too, agree that assertiveness and boasting has its place but I also believe in quiet restraint. The ever-going questions: When to know which to use and why do we care, I suppose. Maybe that is what my complaint if that is what it is – the book was just not my style but I’m glad to know more about these amazing women. Better?

    1. I loved the audio of Phoebe reading her words – audiobooks by female comedians are THE BEST.

      I was laughing all the way into work this morning listening to Garp. What a story already! I’m laughing just thinking about it! I read a few reviews on gr by those who just couldn’t get it and I am thankful that I have the Irving sense of humor appreciation. So thankful.

  2. Fond memories of Garp! Teenage me had never read anything like it. Love Princess Bride, just watched the movie a couple weeks ago. Was the making of fun and full of great stories? Tell me that the cast all liked each other and there weren’t any secret hatreds or anything.

    1. Adult me has never read anything quite like Garp! Well, maybe. When I was a teen, I was all over the moon for Vonnegut…

      As You Wish is all good. 😊 Everyone had a blast making the film and it sounded like a lovely experience.

  3. You got a job! How exciting! Are more details forthcoming soon? (No pressure!)

    If you want to read more poetry, I recommend the strategy I pursued a few years ago in a campaign to make myself love poetry better: Every day for several months I read one or two random poems from the Poetry Foundation website. There’s a Poem-a-Day in the right-hand sidebar! It helped me find some poets I liked a lot, and it also reminded me that I don’t have to like every single poem I encounter.

  4. Oh, Garp!! I read it in 1979, maybe 1980 and loved it…. probably time for a reread. And I’m looking forward to Commonwealth, too. HAD to buy it in hardcover but, as soon as I did, all urgency disappeared. Then came Nonfiction November (all nonfiction all the time) and after that will be our December book club selection, but then Commonwealth for sure!

    1. Hmmmm, how can I motivate you to get to the Patchett book sooner than later?! I really liked it; maybe more than State of Wonder. So great to have a love affair with author that I am convinced she can’t let me down. Excited to try her backlist; I think I will read her debut next.

      Thanks SO MUCH for the amazing pie card. Xoxoxox

  5. You are reminding me of all of the books I want to get around to reading some day. Scalzi is an excellent writer. If you have ever watched any of the Star Trek movies or TV shows, you NEED to listen to Redshirts. It is one of my favorite audiobooks!

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