To Kill a Mockingbird

Thoughts tkambyhl by Harper Lee, Time Warner Books 1989 (orig 1960) 281 pages

Genre: Southern Lit, Classics
Type/Source: Hardback / My school’s English teacher’s shelf
 Why I read this now: for club…

MOTIVATION for READING:  I actually wasn’t that enthusiastic about reading this. Shame on me. I have always TRIED to have high standards about never whining about a book assigned for bookclub because that is the POINT of bookclubs — to read a book you may not be excited about or never heard of. Bookclub ‘entertainment’ is the discussion. And we all know that when everyone loves a book, discussion is boooooorrrrring. And if half love and half hate dislike, WOO-BOYHOWDY = fun discussion.

Ok, the point of this post is my mea culpa: I really loved reading TKAM.

WHAT’s it ABOUT: Do I really need to tell you? Young daughter of the upstanding town attorney starts school and learns about injustice and navigating ‘growing up’ in a small town in the 30s with a father who defends a black man accused of a crime where he is accused by a white woman; the white citizens just can’t deal with the situation.

WHAT’s GOOD: Scout is just great. She’s a tough kid, annoyed by the gender expectations being thrust upon her and she’s trying to figure out the big bad world. I loved the neighbor across the street.

What’s NOT so good: We’ve come not far in too much time.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’m looking forward to discussion.

Great QUOTES:  “Thus we came to know Dill as a pocket Merlin, whose head teemed with eccentric plans, strange longings, and quaint fancies.”

“I inched sluggishly along the treadmill of the Maycomb County school system, I could not help receiving the impression that I was being cheated out of something. Out of what I new not, yet I did not believe that twelve years of unrelieved boredom was exactly what the state had in mind for me.”

“Dill was a villain’s villain: he could get into any character part assigned him, and appear tall if height was part of the devilry required.”

“For reasons unfathomable to the most experienced prophets in Maycombe Çounty, autumn turned to winter that year.”

“It’s not time to worry yet,”

“There was no doubt about it, I must soon enter this world, where on its surface fragrant ladies rock slowly, fanned gently, and drank cool water.”

RATING: 5 slices of pie. Of DEWBERRY TARTS.


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20 thoughts on “To Kill a Mockingbird

  1. I don’t know when I first read this book; it seems like I have always loved it and its turns of phrase. When I was in my forties, my friends insisted I watch the movie. I didn’t like it.

  2. Karen K.

    Still one of the best books ever. I had only read it high school when a book group chose it a few years ago. I was struck by how great it was and how it really has stood the test of time, and I was kicking myself for waiting so long to reread it! It truly is one of the greatest American novels.

    I have no desire to read Go Set a Watchman, I’m afraid it would color my opinion of TKAM. I’ve never seen watched the movie adaptation for the same reason. I love Gregory Peck but I always picture Atticus Finch as looking more like Spencer Tracy.

  3. Wait, this wasn’t your first time reading TKAM, was it? That would be awesome if so — I had to read it in school when I was maybe fourteen (and liked it a lot), but I think it would be kind of neat to read it for the first time as an adult. I bet it’d be a really REALLY different reading experience.

    1. Jenny, there are a few books I think, I assume, I want to believe I’ve read. This one and Tom Sawyer, Jane Eyre… a few others. I think I must have read this! But I have no memories of when. So perhaps, it was my first time. I do know I have seen the movie a few times and I know I listened to pieces of it a lot while subbing…

  4. litandlife

    I read this for a book club, too, and also loved it. And kicked myself for not reading it sooner. There is a lot to talk about in the book even if everyone loves it.

  5. If you have not done so already, you need to watch the movie. Layered upon the book, it makes the story so much more powerful!

    Did it elicit a good discussion in your book club? Inquiring minds want to know!

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