Brighton Rock


Thoughts brbygg by Graham Greene, Blackstone Audiobook 2011 (orig 1938), 9 hours 48 minutes.

Narrated by Richard Brown.


BAILED. I just found myself avoiding it. And when I did have it on – usually while driving –  I didn’t pay a bleep of attention to it.

Guess not the right time for this and I suspect the right time won’t come around in my lifetime. Sorry Mr. Greene – will have to try something else you’ve written; hope that’s OK.

The narration was only so-so for me.

No Rating. DNF.

IMG_1668 BristolHorse IMG_1665 IMG_1672


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10 thoughts on “Brighton Rock

  1. Well that’s too bad. Do you think it was the story or the narrator or both? And thanks for all the pie recipes! Yummy! I am hoping to get get my husband to make the gooseberry pie next weekend 🙂

    1. I think it was both story and narration. Oh well. I can always attempt again, I suppose. OR! I could return the Audible for credit – I forgot that I could do that… Hmmmmm

  2. Karen K.

    Are those actual photos of Brighton? I only know it from books — I think that’s where Lydia Bennet goes chasing after officers in Pride & Prejudice!

    1. Yes! These are photos from my quick few hour excursion to Brighton. We had a chilly sunny day and had to board the train at noon so I didn’t get to drink a beer there. I was SO disappointed.

  3. I agree with you about “Brighton Rock”. For some reason I knew a few people who were infatuated with the wonders of the book and I read it with a sense of obligation. I didn’t like it and I never cared. I have read other books by Green, and all of them have been more engaging than “Brighton Rock,” but none of them have made me want to seek out more of his work.

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