Care’s Classics News – August 2016 Edition

Classics: A Meme, an Announcement and Updates

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August Meme: Question #44: A meme rewind from November 2012: What classic piece of literature most intimidates you, and why? (Or, are you intimidated by the classics, and why? And has your view changed at all since you joined our club?)

War and Peace would be the one that most intimidates me because I’m really not a fan of the old dead Russian author books. I struggled through Anna Karenina and have been warned off of the Brothers K. I’m truly not that interested. There are SO many books out there, I think I can be allowed to skip one or two. I also feel like it is a show-off book which isn’t a nice thing to say, I suppose, but I’m trying to resist that impulse to be a book snob. [It’s hard, actually!]

I had been intimidated by Moby Dick and managed that – and enjoyed it a lot! I seriously recommend the audiobook if anyone else needs a gentle push.


READALONG TIME!  We will be tackling Zola’s Germinal and to be totally honest, if I had any clue about this book, I probably would skip it. It doesn’t sound very heartwarming and uplifting… But I put it on my 50 list so I might as well. People have claimed it to be their favorite book EVER! so it must be good, right?

The whole month of September:  hashtag #GerminalAlong

Why, you ask, did I put it on my 50 list?!  I don’t know…   I probably heard somebody gushing all over it and I had never heard of it.


My Classics Club 50 Update List shows I’m on pace with classics but not with the original list. And I’m OK with that. The rules allow…  I’ve read 22 out of 50, 13 from the list.


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15 thoughts on “Care’s Classics News – August 2016 Edition

  1. Have fun with this one. I have loved the Read-a-longs, but this summer was not good at posting about them. I have Dr. Zhivago AND Moby Dick on my list….someday.

  2. buriedinprint

    Zola is a gap in my reading experience and whenever I consider, I remember the series and then become obsessed with the ordering of it, which leads to paralysis once more. And I see Germinal is a rather long one too: maybe with your expectations so low, you’ll be happily surprised?! 😀

    1. I am so clueless, I didn’t even realize he wrote this in a series. I’ve heard it is pretty stand alone. Or I made that up. who knows? who cares!? I’m committed or should be. Waaaaa

  3. We took a hike last week by a dam that was designed by Emile Zola’s father. Apparently, he caught pneumonia while working on it and died when Emile was 8. It made me interested to know more about Zola, whom I’ve never read. I may need to join in this one.

  4. Oh, I love War and Peace! So much so that I have read it twice!. Now, Moby Dick I cannot do. I have no interest. I did slog through The Brothers Karamazov and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Still, I adore Russian literature.

    Enjoy your readalong!

    1. I think I became much more interested in Moby Dick after exploring New Bedford Mass and reading about Herman Melville and walking the same streets he walked.

  5. litandlife

    I put 62 books on my list just so I could stick with my list and skip over ones I changed my mind about? At the rate I’m going, I’ll be lucky to read 50 classics at all, let alone the ones I put on my list!

    1. It’s fun when you read a book and realize later that it fits the definition of classic and so you can count it! Well, it has happened to me a few times…

  6. I so wish I was better at making myself read classics. So often when I do, I actually love them. But somehow it’s the ones I hate that seem to hold sway over my psyche every time I try to convince myself I need to read more.

  7. Oh man, I know nothing about Germinal either! I had no idea it was part of a series. I put it on my Classics Club list after a bunch of different people recommended it to me. We are the blind leading the blind in this readalong, but it will be fun! If it’s awful, at least we can make fun of it together.

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