Story From a Photo Prompt

Story Prompt


(Photo taken on Block Island, Rhode Island)

The old dog was waiting for his Master. The lady who also lived in the house with Master and with the dog, in the big house by the sea, had taken the dog to the beach. Without Master. The lady set up her blanket, her beach chair, the cooler with chilled fizzy waters — and was very nice to bring his water bowl and regular non-fizzy water to fill it. She had made a place on the blanket for the dog but he wouldn’t lay on it. He stretched to the length of his leash in the direction of the house where he lived with his master. And with the lady. She was a nice lady. Master seemed to like her, too. The old dog waited patiently, scanning the view in the opposite direction from the view of the sea, looking for his master. The nice lady read a book and would occasionally beckon the dog to join her on the blanket, try to coax him to have a drink of water, to rest on the blanket rather than the sand. She was careful to place the bowl of water in the shade of her beach chair. She would stare fondly, then disappointedly, sadly forlorn at the dog who seemed to ignore her. She would sigh and return to her book, facing in the direction of the water, the opposite direction from the old house. The old dog would stare sadly forlorn in the direction of where he hoped Master would soon appear.

Wait! A tall man was approaching, coming to join them on the beach. Yes, it was him! His Master was coming. The dog glanced at the lady to see if she too noticed Master arriving but she could not see – she was facing the wrong way. And had her nose in a book. The tall man walked to the old dog, bent down and gave him many pats and an ear scratch. “Hello Old Boy! Are you enjoying the beach? Did momma bring you to the beach, Old Man?” Master gave the lady a kiss who by this time had realized his master’s presence and the tall man settled onto the blanket to look out to the sea. The old dog took a drink of water from the bowl in the shade of the lady’s beach chair and then snuggled between them content, happy again. His master was here.





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6 thoughts on “Story From a Photo Prompt

  1. I love this, Care! You’re good at writing from the dog’s point of view. I’d love to read more about this dog and his family, or maybe some other dogs!

        1. Even though I failed to really LOOK at the photo when I started to write?! I was laughing when I posted this because, “Huh, there are two people on the beach… Why did I only remember the lady?” Funny.
          Thank you.

  2. Believe it or not, this is actually how I got started writing. I had a 3rd grade teacher (Mrs. Mallory – you never forget the best teachers) who had a box of photographs from magazines. Each photo was glued to a piece of construction paper and you got to choose a photo to write a story about, after you finished your assignments. I always whipped through my 3rd-grade work, just so I could dig through the box of photos to find story material. Isn’t that the coolest? I’d forgotten all about it, although somewhere I still have a story about a raccoon . . .

    Loved the way you got into the head of the dog. I had myself convinced Master was dead, for a second there. Funny where the mind goes. Keep writing!!!!

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