ReadAlong of The Fireman #FiremanAlong in July


Spontaneous combustion of book thoughts on Twitter resulted in eruption of readalong endorsements for The Fireman by Joe Hill. It’s the hot book right now.tfbyjh

The hardback is 768 pages; the audiobook is 22 hours and 20 minutes.


Starts in July.

Thus giving you all time to secure a copy? I hereby declare myself as Captain of this Fire Squad with Heather as Co-Command – due to locale (when can we do lunch?) and the fact she just read it but wants to reread it on audio. Ti and Melissa and Jen and Trish are the Platoon Leaders. Michelle and Katie are Advisors (they already read the book!). ALL ARE WELCOME OF COURSE. Just wanted to mention those who participated in the twitter-firestorm about it.

Follow hashtag #FireManAlong

I have also made a list so you can find the entire crew on Twitter. If you want to join us and please do, all are welcome, please let me know your Twitter handle in a comment and/or link to a post or whatever. I might also want your snail mail address if you want correspondence (send me an email or private msg) — I am not promising anything. This is a quick and informal readalong. It’s a “Join in if you want to, no rules” kind of readalong…

I thought better of looking for a hot firefighter person to display, because 1) sexist inclinations and assumptions on my part sad to say, and 2) no legal usage rights to the ones that appealed to me the most. You know how to do your own search so feel free to act on that. OR, to see professionals of all genders, you can click on THIS SEARCH. Not sure what the most ethical of decisions it is to provide a link to all images in a search result with parameter ‘not filtered by license’. Probably not ‘best’. Oh well.

I will be audiobooking. Here’s the link to Audible: fma3                    The bookcover at the top of this post links to goodreads and the Twitter convo links to the hashtag #FiremanAlong. I’ll make a Twitter List, too, so feel free to subscribe to it.


And please remember to tweet any pie references!!!


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35 thoughts on “ReadAlong of The Fireman #FiremanAlong in July

  1. I am so freakin’ excited!! I had planned to tackle this one myself and just started reading last week. It will be awesome to have some company.

  2. I’m in! I’m actually two-thirds of the way through. So I know this is one readalong I’ll finish 🙂 But it will be SO NICE to be reading along with others. It is such a good book, and I’ve been especially loving all the literary references to children’s books.

    1. See the Twitter List… Michelle of What She Read and OOPS! I did forget TriniCapini – I just added her. Thanks for the catch.

  3. Yay! You know I’m in. It’s such a big book though, I hope the library let’s me take it out for 21 days instead of 14. I’m so glad to get to be part of your Readalongs!

  4. Aw this sounds fun and I love all the folks organizing it, but I don’t think I can this year! Early July is so crazed for me that I know I’d fall behind on the readalong first thing and never catch back up. Looking forward to y’all’s posts, though!

  5. I really wish I had waited to read this now just so I could have read it with you. That button is legit the bomb. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions as you read it!

  6. I am so in, even though I haven’t actually started the book yet. Saving to start it this weekend and can’t wait to jump n because everybody is making it sound SO EXCITING.

    1. Great! I’ll add you to the list (if I can find you on Twitter?)

      There are a few people who will be starting the book in the middle of July – you’ll catch up.

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