The Library at Mount Char

Thoughts tlamcbysh by Scott Hawkins, Crown 2015, 390 pages

Challenge: peer pressure?
Genre: Fantasy
Type/Source: ebook / Kindle
 Why I read this now: Making a concerted effort to read my ebooks.

MOTIVATION for READING: I have so many blogger-buds say this is a wild ride. Had to sign up and see if I liked it, too.

WHAT’s it ABOUT: Our main character, Carolyn, is a librarian; but the library where she works is most interesting and actually on a different plane. She is in charge of learning all the worlds’ (world’s or all worlds’? hard to tell) languages while a few of her ‘brothers and sisters’ know everything about war and death and animals and transportation and persuasively getting into people’s heads, etc. They all report to “Father” but he is actually some kind of godlike entity and his library is his store of knowledge. He needed to adopt these kids so he could pass along this knowledge but also keep the power decentralized. Then one day, he goes missing.

WHAT’s GOOD: This is one nutty action-packed funny wild ride, I will agree.

What’s NOT so good:  About half way, when the adrenaline and the WTF’s are flying — while I’m chatting up the book and sharing how awesome it is — and the big WA LA BOOM BOOM! happens…. Then it’s late at night and I have to go to sleep and wake up the next day to finish;  it felt like a balloon with a slow leak. So I suppose I could say the ending but more the lead up to the ending, felt draggy and almost unsatisfactory. Upon reflection a week later, I liked the ending OK.

  I am still wondering if I missed how Carolyn met the military dude. 

FINAL THOUGHTS:  It is a wild and unique ride. It’s violent, a bit of an almost love story — oops, SPOILER!? It has a lot of humor, too.

Other REVIEWS: Shaina’s review has a Q&A with the author which is nice. Heather that Capricious Reader seemed to like it. Michelle gave it a “Hot Damn”. The book cover will link to if you care to explore there. Or click here to get to FyreFly’s Book Blogger Search Engine for this title.

RATING: Four slices of pie. No mention of pie was noted.




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20 thoughts on “The Library at Mount Char

    1. Really. I don’t really see you as the reader of this. I suggest you take the same amount of time it took you to consider The Book Thief before you dive into this one. Just sayin’.

    1. It’s ok – it’s not terribly draggy – only in comparison to the high adrenaline rush of the prior bit. Now you’ll have to read to find out?! Ha! (#Sorrynotsorry)

    1. Yea, it’s not for everyone but I am glad to now know what it was – AND it is exciting when a book can DO that, I guess. Wow – I am really swinging back and forth on this, huh?!

  1. I love this book. The way Carolyn meets the military dude is introduced seamlessly near the beginning, when you don’t know the significance of anyone from their names.

  2. Ha! Love it. I seemed to like it? I don’t remember what I said when I reviewed it, but the book lives very happily in my memory, so I must have loved it! I’m glad you read it and that you decided you liked it too!

  3. Hahaha, I constantly go back and forth on whether I want to read this! I love a crazypants wild ride, but I also get really frustrated with books that don’t have a satisfying ending? So, tough call, still. Do you think I’d like it? A me sort of book do you think?

    1. I was pretty satisfied with the ending. There are some awful parts, but if you stick with it, you will get bloody revenge, redemption, and forgiveness. I think it’s a very “you” sort of book.

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