The Baker’s Daughter

Thoughts tbdbysm by Sarah McCoy, Crown 2012, 330 pages

Challenge: none
Genre: WW2 + Contemporary
Type/Source: eBook/Kindle
 Why I read this now: Has been on my Kindle for a long time…

MOTIVATION for READING:  I took my Kindle on a trip so that I would have more options. I wanted something more touchy-feely and not too deep. (Let’s just say the other books I have had the longest on my Kindle are horror and “other”).

WHAT’s it ABOUT: A young German girl whose family owns a bakery is being courted by a Nazi officer and finds that she has to make some very tough choices that put her family in danger. On the ‘now’ timeline, we meet a reporter with love & commitment issues who stumbles into a German Bakery in El Paso Texas. The stories unfold and alternate as we realize that the young girl in Germany is now the old lady who runs the Texas bakery.

WHAT’s GOOD: I can’t think of anything negative to say but I’m also having a hard time thinking up any strengths to share. Plenty of characters – but not too many, all rather likable – even the Nazi fiance though he has the biggest secrets. Elsie the baker is wonderful – spunky and courageous. I probably liked the historical parts best, the story of young Elsie and how she managed to survive and end up in Texas. All the elements prove the skill of the author’s story construction.

What’s NOT so good:  There are a lot of issues touched upon that propel the story and don’t weigh it down but overall, not terrifically memorable. I didn’t sob, though I expected to.

I enjoyed the story and have no complaints. I did cry a little. The story ends happy.


RATING:  Upon finishing, four slices of American Apple Pie. Now that I’ve written this review, three would be a satisfactory rating. And this stated because not too long ago, I ranted about how I don’t change my ratings! I totally recognize that conditions of timing in the reading experience influence the ‘score’ if you will and it really doesn’t bother me. Because this was a captivating read RIGHT AFTER BOOKS that couldn’t capture my attention; thus the FOUR.




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5 thoughts on “The Baker’s Daughter

  1. I love that you explained your rating. I tend to waffle, especially when it’s between a three and a four star rating. On Goodreads I tend to round up. But I also maintain that a three star review is not bad at all. For me, a four star rating means I would possibly read it again, and a three star means I probably won’t. Timing is everything, though, you’re right!

  2. litandlife

    This was one of those books for me where I felt like I would have been more into the book with only the historical storyline. Like you, it felt like I should want to sob at the end but I wasn’t that emotionally attached.

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