Quick Update…

SO, um yea, THANKS! for the great comments and advice and good cheer.

I ended up reading a few more pages of Prologue to Love before admitting, “No, I do NOT like this dude.” and DNF for realz. I’m sad, though.

and Quiet just wasn’t doin’ it for me. Adios!

But I stuck with Hypocrite and let it audio itself all over my day while I packed and prepped for a weekend trip and then today finished it on a walk and a cool down. I really REALLY liked her essay on her visit to Poland and the concentration camps – gut punch. And I do ‘get’ her bit about the wedding industry and how we are all just a bunch of contradictions and it is best to recognize, laugh at and with and keep trying to figure this life stuff out as best we can. I give it three slices of pie and I don’t recall if she mentions pie or not.

AND!  the biggest result of releasing the guilt and pressure to continue books that are not capturing full attention is that I have read 3 eBooks since! A plane ride and insistence/determination to read my Kindle (damn thing, I really DO. NOT. LIKE. this archaic troublesome device thingie – I read as much on my phone and iPad) helped push me through three books that I gave four pie slices to and enjoyed mostly. All were quite different from each other:

tbdbysm trfocgbyje tlamcbysh

The Baker’s Daughter – Alternating timeline of a young German girl at the end of WW2 who marries a Texan. (also, must mention… there are recipes.)

The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving by Jonathon Evison – about a roadtrip of a 19-yo boy with his caregiver on the way from Washington state to Salt Lake City and the troubles each have before and along the way. Heartwarming, sad and humorous all wrapped up together.

The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins – uneven but delightfully rompy. Recommended for anyone who likes far out weird crap and strong personalities battling other strong personalities while trying to find heart and soul amidst the chaos. Lots of humor and lots of ass-kicking with questions along the way that have answers that satisfy as best they can. Who doesn’t want to know an Erwin and want him on your team?

Not sure if I will write a post for each but just had to say thanks to the many commenting lovelies on the last post who recommended I MOVE ON ALREADY and so I did.


Oh. What? You want to know what I am reading/listening to next?  I just opened and read the first few sentences of Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner and I believe I will be listening to State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. Anyone up for a June readalong of that? I’m not sure how much I will be able to listen in the next week so June might be perfect…


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16 thoughts on “Quick Update…

  1. Karen K.

    I really liked State of Wonder. I’ve only read one of Ann Patchett’s other books, Bel Canto, which I loved. I’m hoping to read The Magician’s Assistant this summer.

    And good for you for having the resolve to quit reading books you don’t love. I have a hard time with that, especially when I own them. I recently gave up on Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales. I have a 400 page volume of the complete stories, and I just wasn’t interested after 300 pages. Maybe I’ll try again later.

    1. It is tough to put aside a book – especially one that you’ve had on a tbr for a long time.

      I have a book that I’ve moved a million times that is now sentimental to me but I still have never finished it – a collection by DH Lawrence! Someday…

    1. Yes, it was a good move. Not to say I won’t ever come back to those books someday.

      btw, I updated the link on the blogroll to go to the 100x100x100 – is that ok?

  2. Sarah's Book Shelves

    Good for you for DNFing! I’ve been much quicker to DNF this year and it’s kind of freeing! And – I really loved State of Wonder..hope it works for you.

    1. Right! We’re losing daylight being guilty of not reading when a perfectly thrilling read is ready and waiting. or whatever. Quick release means more reading time.

  3. Oh I loved State of Wonder on audio! Can you believe that I have not finished a single audiobook this year? SOBBBBBBBBBBBBB. I’m almost done with Shakespeare by Bill Bryson…it’s a whopping 5 hours long. Ha!

    I have the first two books on my shelf. I should really get to them (I did start Baker’s Daughter but think I had to put it down to read a book club book and never went back to it).

  4. I am SO glad you enjoyed The Library at Mount Char. I have some serious love for that book, but I do love me some weird crap and strong personalities.

  5. litandlife

    I need to ask for permission to give up on books more often, too! It’s so hard to do that because I always feel like at some point the book will pick up or it will suddenly grab me. But life is too short and look at all of the good books you were able to get to!

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