Is It Me? Or the Books?


I don’t know if this is a reading slump or I am just reading three unappealing-to-me books all at the same time?

I suppose I would/should like a couple of these if I was in a better frame of mind or perhaps three books all at the same time of this competition is only making them all unpalatable?

Should I power through or give up and start something else?

Let’s chat, shall we?  and please advise.

The current three:  ptlbytc  qbysc hiapwdbysjg


Prologue To Love is a paperback printed before I was born. The font is tiny, it has the slightly yellowed brittle paper feel and lovely old book scent. I had to tape the cover back on. There are over 750 pages. I’m told that this is loosely based on the true life story of Hetty Green, once the world’s richest woman – I’ve read a book on her and found it fascinating. One of those tales that reinforces the idea that lots of money can’t buy happiness. HUZZAH!

I’m just too turned off by the father of the main character; he is miserly, judgmental, obsessed with the creation of wealth but abhors the idea of spending ANY of it. (He lets his daughter live in a run down house with no heat nor extra blankets and lousy inadequate quantity of food?) I don’t have enough sympathy for him – I don’t get his quick critical thoughts about why he doesn’t like his nephew nor why he doesn’t like his own daughter and I don’t really care to find out. I’m sorry Bybee!

Prologue To Love! –> I declare you DNF’d.

Quiet just isn’t capturing my attention. I decide to go read, sit in a comfy chair or go out to the lounge area of my lovely backyard, and end up playing with Litsy, IG and Facebook on my phone. I’ll probably carry it around the house and misplace it a few more times before I give up on it. However, I’m thinking the reviews I have read have probably given me enough information on the subject.

Quiet! (With a Chainsaw?) –> Vote is still out…

Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress is supposed to be a funny feminist book guaranteed to entertain. I’m not entertained. I’m bored. Maybe the narrator’s voice just isn’t quite right? No, she’s doing a fabulous job, but like coconut — you like it or you don’t. It’s possible that I’m still too early into it?  So far, it is still her childhood (the current essay is about her obsession with the Rolling Stones when she was 15.) I don’t know; it’s just not working.

Hypocrite! –> Playing in the background but I’m not listening.

The problem with audiobooked essay collections is that you can’t flip and skip around. Can I suggest that audiobook chapters start showing titles? Which bits of this book are the ones I shouldn’t miss? Should I save it for print? Yea, maybe I should get the book from the library and return this to Audible…


While these three books are jockeying for some love, I am stalled… Release the guilt, release the books back into the wild or back to the shelf, move on.

Ok, NOW what should I read?!





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19 thoughts on “Is It Me? Or the Books?

  1. I found Quiet pretty interesting, but as a well-adjusted introvert, I skipped some parts. If it hasn’t grabbed your attention by now, then put it away without feeling guilty. You can always check out the Quiet Revolution website to find out more.

  2. Katie

    I finally broke out of a similar slump this week. Have faith, sister – you’ll find books that make you ignore everything else soon enough!

  3. Move on. Try reading The Water Knife; I loved it. Or read Walker Percy’s The Last Gentleman. I’m going to St. Francisville, LA in a few weeks for Walker Percy weekend, with other fans of this author who come from all over the U.S. and Canada to talk about his books and drink bourbon. Ron and I just got our shirts from Cafe Press–every year we put a different quotation from Percy on a shirt or bag and wear it to the weekend.

  4. Karen K.

    Rereads are often a good cure for a reading slump, or comfort reads. I’d recommend a classic, maybe a good mystery by Agatha Christie if you like that sort of thing. A children’s classic might also be fun. I’m all about the comfort reads right now and I’ve just started Queen Lucia by E. F. Benson which is an absolute hoot.

  5. I couldn’t really call my lack of interest a reading slump but it certainly was something. I just made an effort to power through my list and in three days I’ve read two novels and I think that’s pretty good. Now I feel as if I am back on the horse! I may have just jinxed myself.

  6. Quiet can get wordy and research heavy at times. I ended up skimming over the parts that were boring me. There were some fascinating parts, though. But, her website, Quiet Revolution, is a great resource if you don’t want to finish the book.

  7. I gave Quiet three stars on Goodreads, which means I liked it, but not quite as much as I’d hoped. (I am decidedly an introvert, so I thought it might light my life on fire, but alas…) I say move on if it’s not holding your interest – too many other good books!

  8. Move on, move on! Time is precious. 🙂
    (I haven’t read any of these, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about. BUT, usually if a book tells me its supposed to be funny and entertaining, I, too, find it boring. I like humour in books that aren’t actually marketed as funny a lot better.)

  9. I would move on. When Quiet first came out, it was a big deal, but it spawned a legion of articles and FB quizzes. And it was a little repetitive at times. I can easily see it being a lot less interesting now than it was.

    I’ve been busy lately, and it has forced me to zero in on things I really want to read.

  10. litandlife

    I’m saying at the very least set them all aside. No point wasting time on books that aren’t doing it for you. Might come a time they’ll be just the book for you but now clearly ain’t it.

  11. I am in that period myself. Usually I pick a YA fantasy to distract me from not finding anything I want to read (in spite of having 8 million unread books in front of me). I don’t think it’s the books though, it’s just my mood, and fortunately, it usually passes in a few days.

  12. Jumping on the bandwagon: I say move on! And I second (third? fourth?) the suggestion to re-read a book you love. That almost always helps me out of a slump.

  13. I think it’s still early to call it a reading slump! The three books all at once not being good hypothesis is the one that I subscribe to. When I have that kind of situation, I like to assemble all my library books in an enormous pile and do what Andi calls a tasting — try a few chapters of a bunch of them and see what sticks.

  14. I think if it isn’t working, you should put them all aside and figure out what is next… Maybe a palate cleaner? A reread? There are many books that haven’t knocked my socks off that I have put aside and later loved them. Not saying this will happen with these books for you, but sometimes mood plays a part and I no longer feel guilty for putting books aside.

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