Happy Pi Day 2016

Happy  π  Pi Day!

image Getting ready. I usually use the pie dough of butter + crisco from the A Year of Pies cookbook by Ashley English. Do notice Miss Jill, I used King Arthur Flour.


This is what the flour and fat combined looks like before I add the water.



This is me attempting a beautiful crimped edge. I need more practice. hrtbroke


I put my neighbors to work zesting the lemons and limes for the Lemon Lime Chess Pie.


A few (4) eggs, some juice, the zests and more butter  – into the crust and bake. SO simple. ~ 50 minutes at 350 degrees.



After the baking. Oh! The recipe calls for 3 Tbsp of cornmeal and I used a rather grainy one – almost the polenta coarseness. It really gave texture to the pie.


My neighbor insisted on whipping the whipped cream. She eschews such devices as Kitchen Aid mixers. Scoffs, even!



Piping on a bit of the cream for presentation. Wa la!  PIE.



I might try making this:



though I could only find Laffy Taffy rather than true saltwater taffy…




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20 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day 2016

  1. That pie looks so good! You make it sound easy to make too. But how can your neighbor not like a KitchenAid mixer?

    And I’ve never heard of Saltwater Taffy pie, and I live in Florida. I grew up in Ohio but we vacationed in Florida for spring break and I remember going to the souvenir shops in St. Pete and buying all kinds of taffy. It was so good and I think I might try making a Taffy pie!

  2. My daughter was upset that Pi day was not celebrated at her junior high. It always was in grade school but she said her academic team decided not to mention it. Boo! She had to endure all the pie talk from her friends on other academic teams. It seriously ruined her week.

    That pie looks good. I love citrus anything (lemon, limes, oranges). It’s all good to me.

  3. Oh! I forgot to tel you! The track coach found my daughter’s shoes and gave them back to her last night. That’s a good thing because she is so fussy about her running shoes.

  4. I thought of you on Pi Day! We were going to make pumpkin pie at my house but time got away from us and we didn’t get any pie at all! 😦 I am very glad though you had such a great day!

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