The Tsar of Love and Techno

Thoughts tToLaTbyAM by Anthony Marra, Hogart 2015, 352 pages

Challenge: Tournament of Books
Genre: Short Story
Type/Source: Audio first, then switched to hardback / library
 Why I read this now: Really? do you have to ask?

WHAT’s it ABOUT: This is a linked story collection – my favorite kind, in the vein of Olive Kitteridge (which I adored), that Goon Squad book (which I did NOT adore) and The Imperfectionists (which YOU should read because it is really good.)

So, no. I guess I won’t tell you anything. Cover links to goodreads.

WHAT’s GOOD: Everything. The writing, the construction, the descriptions, the wry observations about life and stuff.

What’s NOT so good: The audio was NOT that great. I realized when I switched to print that I missed a LOT, a TON! And I blame it on the narrators – there were three. I probably bear some of that burden, but I don’t claim it. It was the accents. Perhaps it was my prejudice on how I heard the voice – one of the guys just sounded ‘not right’ or ‘not too bright’, if that makes any sense. I apologize. Oh well. Avoid the audiobook, in my opinion.

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you like a book that makes you laugh while you cry, this might do it for ya.

RATING: Five slices of pie! Seriously, this may go down as a top 5 favorite over many years.

p.6 “The coin could have bought a meat pie, a sketch pad, a confectionery, a bar of soap; pressed into someone else’s palm it could have become the bright spot in a dull day, but coins cannot choose their fate.”

71% – ???? – I couldn’t find it. SO hard to bookmark an audio. Especially if driving a car responsibly. IF ANYONE HAS THIS AS eBOOK, please let me know! Thanks.



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15 thoughts on “The Tsar of Love and Techno

  1. I have heard so many good things about this – but tell me, is it really sad? Like really, really sad? Because I have a hard time occasionally with really sad. I do have a Goodreads shelf called sad-but-worth-it, though. Would I put this book in that shelf?

    1. Ah, how do I answer that? you need to give me some examples. I might tell you that one story in particular is ‘sad’ but most are just wonderful and able to mix the comic, absurd, with the atrocious. It’s not a sobbing-sad book like The Book Thief or Les Miserables… at least, for me.

      1. From my sad-but-worth-it shelf: Bel Canto, Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Life After Life. Things that are too sad include Never Let Me Go by Ishiguro and anything including an animal, especially told from an animal’s POV. Also, most thing involving an abducted or dead child. But I’m guessing that this one isn’t too sad for me, from what you’re telling me.

        1. No, nothing like that. No animal POV. Just life wearing you down, kind of stuff, and the amazing ability to live through what people live through.

          I LOVED Life After Life!

  2. Katie

    Yes!!! Loved this book – and your cheeky refusal to spill the beans unless everyone reads the book first. Ha! Let me know when you start with CONSTELLATION!

  3. I was SO nervous about this book because I adored his first novel…I was worried short stories might not live up to it. But they totally did. All of the things I loved about A Constellation of Vital Phenomena were all over this book and it was a fantastic read.

    1. Shannon, I saw that you liked this book and I need to read your review. It was SO good, yes?!?!? ah. AND, it is one that I’m not sure WHO I would recommend it to. Is that odd?! ROOSTER!!!!

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