BBAW 2016 Day 5 – Don’t Worry Be Happy #BBAW


I’m in it for the long haul.

The question for today is…   What keeps me at this?

I feel very comfortable here. I figured out a long time ago that I do this for me and if an audience finds me, that is extra whipped cream on the pie slice that is this blog.pierating2 I just don’t worry about it.

I want to thank all the bloggers who have participated in BBAW this week, for the Twitter chats, the Superlatives, the visits and comments. I want to thank the organizers who are so extremely enthusiastic and dedicated and passionate for this community. I’m proud to know you.

Thanks to whoever listed my blog in the post “Literary Blogs“. Cool. I am humbled.

Group hug!

Perhaps BBAW, I thought, isn’t just one week in a year? Perhaps BBAW lives in the hearts of book-friends far and near…


Now go eat some pie. Tomorrow, Feb 20, is Cherry Pie Day. I don’t know who decided this and I don’t care. I will be making a Chocolate Stout Cherry Pie and you will see photos on Instagram…

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20 thoughts on “BBAW 2016 Day 5 – Don’t Worry Be Happy #BBAW

    1. Aw, that just shows that this crazy community is very large and almost like a city – can’t do all the fun things all the time, right? You have been mentioned this week as a rockstar, btw. Love you!

  1. First of all, now I’m going to be singing ‘don’t worry, be happy’ all day. Which is not a bad thing necessarily. 😉

    Secondly, I love the idea that BBAW can be a year-round thing. It is for me.

  2. Why is the Whos (down in Whoville) song suddenly in my head? 😉 I love your idea of BBAW not being just one week a year and love the idea of cherry pie. I missed Sheila this week, too, and thought she must be too busy with her library event planning to join in!

  3. I LOVE your attitude about blogging – “Don’t worry, be happy”, you do it for you and everything else is just whipped cream on the pie (for me it would icing on the cake). It makes me smile. Keep it up!

  4. Literary Feline

    You are making me crave pie. 🙂 I think you make a good point about blogging for yourself first and foremost. It’s when we get caught up in all the other stuff and let it matter too much that we lose focus and risk burnout.

  5. Oh my I love cherry pie! I am so excited I am going to plant a cherry tree in my garden this spring and I am already imagining the pie that will happen in a few years. The wait is going to be excruciating! Good thing I can occupy myself with books and great blogs 🙂

  6. Deepika Ramesh

    I am so so glad to have discovered your blog. I love everything about it, and especially the dogs in your header image.

    I look forward to seeing the pie’s pictutes tomorrow. And, I am already drooling like my furry friend Boo. 😀

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