BBAW 2016 Day 3 – Blogger Influence

Hello. Welcome to Care’s Books and Pie Blog.  pierating1

I am writing this on Day 3 at 7 pm. 7pm

I have no excuse.

I just couldn’t approach today’s topic without a heavy heart so I avoided it.





Then I decided to visit a few blogs that I know and love just to see what they were doing for Day 3 and would you not freaking believe it?! but each one of them mention me and I got all verklempt.

So thank you Trini and Jeanne and Laurie.



Then. I decided to go visit the official BBAW site for all the links to today’s topic and I saw this:

Conversely, what is a book(s) you’ve attempted to push on everyone and their mother? Was it a success or a failure? What book would you push on me RIGHT THIS MINUTE?

Hmmm, I can work with this.

I ask you, you Reader you, (which is why you are still here and reading THIS thus far, is because you must be a book lover or a lover of pie and I respect both): “Be honest, how do react when a book is suggested for book club that you have NEVER HEARD OF?”

Because we all KNOW all the books. ALL THE BOOKS.

What is your reaction when you get a book suggestion which is of a title you are unfamiliar with and/or  – if not a debut – an author you do not know?!  cuz you know, as a blogger, you are tuned in and know shit, amirite!?

Well, I will admit that I get suspicious. I usually have at least heard of or recognize ALL THE FREAKIN’ BOOKS, right?! Even if I don’t know all the details. [True story – I found out today that The Royal We – which I have dismissed as not-for-me due to pure snobbery – is written by the Go Fug Yourself duo which is a website I followed religiously way back in the day. Now I think I must read this book. Shannon’s endorsement just might shame my book snobbery, too, but whatever.]

FINALLY, I have a point.

Go read this:  dintgbyei

Death in the Garden was a neighborhood book club choice. I had never heard of it. I did not know the author. Goodness, the cover is NOT inspiring. So pale and …  pastel.

Whaddya know. I LOVED IT!!  And so did my friend who read it because I loved it and she loved it! so let’s give this book some book-blogger love!!  THIS is the book I wish for you to experience and see if you agree with me for its insightful feminism, intriguing mystery, lovely time and setting, and overall impressiveness. I dare you.

dintgbyeiI probably should just read more mysteries…

But truly, this is the only book I can think of lately that has entered or paraded my consciousness that I didn’t already know of or have heard of or whatever from somewhere else than blogs. One of the book clubs I joined here in NC has the entire year slated with 80% books I’ve already read and the other 20% on my tbr with me knowing the synopsis! [It’s the neighborhood bookclub I’m worried out… which is the one that introduced me to Death in the Garden. Read it.]

I really don’t get out much…









PS – Remember STICKY BOOKS? Those books that you loved and no one has ever heard of? Actually that isn’t the definition of  ‘sticky books’ but this is THE book I loved and have never ever met anyone who has read:  Out of the Flames. So go read this, too, ifyouplease. Thanks.

And a big shout out to everyone who has rec’d a book to me.   Happy BBAW!

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22 thoughts on “BBAW 2016 Day 3 – Blogger Influence

  1. I feel in good company now—as it is 6pm here and I just wrote up a post! And you so nailed it on the way we feel at book club! I want to be in charge of all the books at book club!!

  2. OK, so here’s the scoop on Death In The Garden – well, not exactly about that book, but about the publishers – Felony & Mayhem. They are a little publishing house that brings back older mysteries. Yes, their covers are a bit…you know, but they publish some interesting series. When I had my old blog, I did a feature on them one time. Elizabeth Ironside is not an author I’ve read, but I do like the so-called golden mysteries. Obviously I need to try her.

    And, yes, you should read more mysteries. Just saying…because I’m a mystery book pusher. LOL LOL

  3. Awww! I’m glad to see you, as I had to leave early and missed you at the party! I’m pretty sure I read Death in the Garden a very long time ago, but will need to read it again. I had heard of The Royal We but not the Go Fug Yourself duo! If Out of the Flames is really that good, I’ll add it to the TBR list, but nonfiction takes a long time to rise to the top. 😦

  4. Ha! I loved your little story about books being suggested at books clubs that you’ve never heard of. Except that it doesn’t really surprise me if it’s a romance or mystery since I rarely read those. What bothers me is when someone suggests a book, and everyone looks at me to see if I’ve read it, which I usually haven’t, but they know I read a lot so they assume that I’ve read everything. I wonder when this will stop. Anyway, the good thing is that it brought us Death In the Garden, and it is now on my list!
    I also had a lot of trouble with BBAW Day 3. Just got it up now. Phewf.

  5. Oh my goodness, you could have pulled a good portion of this post out of my brain! I am totally suspicious when someone recommends a book to me I have never heard of! I think, oh if it were any good I would have heard about it from the book bloggers and since I haven’t I will therefore not stoop to read it. I am always very nice out loud but in my head I can be such a snob. I have put Death in the Garden on my library priority list and that is saying something because I generally don’t even read mysteries!

  6. I haven’t heard of this book, but I have heard of the author and of the publisher. If I saw the cover, I’d want to read it because I’d know it was a Felony and Mayhem book, and I like what they do. In fact, I just reviewed a rather silly mystery from them a couple of weeks ago! Alas, I did try an Elizabeth Ironside book years ago and couldn’t get into it. But that doesn’t mean I’d never try again.

    1. Good to know. I actually like when a publisher has a visual theme to their books for easy recognition. I will be much more knowledgeable in the future and maybe I will venture to read another.

  7. Yeah, I probably would not pick that book to read, because of the boring cover. But now I will! Thanks for the rec. And thank YOU for reading Flowers for Algernon with me. That’s another book that I would not have read yet if not for our readalong.

    1. I probably put it on my classics list because it startled me that I hadn’t known of it. But the ‘knowing of’ it for too long, really skewed it in my head! That was a fun readalong and I appreciate you tackling it with me!

  8. litandlife

    Oh, hell, yes – I tell my book club members that they can make recommendations, but if I haven’t heard of them it’s going to be a tough sell! Sometimes you just have to suck it up and play along. And sometimes you find a book to love!

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