Book Blogger Appreciation 2016 Day 1

Hello! Happy BBAW!


Day 1 – Top FIVE Books that best encapsulate what kind of reader I might be:

I bet you were expecting more ‘literary fiction’, right?

Ah, well. Let’s talk about books and blogging first, can we? I published my first post on this blog September 22, 2007. It took a few months before I got a rhythm, found my tribe, so to speak. It is fun to realize that I can access those early posts and find the people I first chatted online with about books. I’m still ‘friends’ with the very first regulars who stopped by my little corner and gave a comment. Oh, those were fun, heady days. Before drama, before realizing that publishers would GIVE books away, before spam…

I had had a personal blog before that even (and am friends with some of those folks still) but they didn’t carry over into book world. The book-blogosphere was something else, a different planet, a very exciting place to be. I loved it.

And I still do. It has evolved. Anyway, the direction I wanted to take here is to look at the books I have come to read because of blogging. Hard to really know what exactly I was reading before that and how exactly I decided which books to read but to put it mildly, I didn’t have a clue.

So what would I have told you about books BEFORE-BLOGGING? I could have told you that Les Miserables was a forever favorite and that I had read the first 6 of Tom Clancy’s books and at least the first 10 of the Janet Evanovich numbered sleuth series. I read ‘contemporary fiction’ on occasion:  Bel Canto, The Hours, Oscar and Lucinda. I was involved with a book club and remember reading The Lovely Bones, The Secret Life of Bees, Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier.

But wow oh wow did I learn a LOT about books from being involved with blogging and thus, rather than list a top 5 faves list, I share the most impactful blogging-influenced reads that I have enjoyed due to this medium. On with the show!

  1. YA – What IS YA?!  I couldn’t have answered that question in 2007. My first YA read with that in mind allows me to bring up author-rockstar John Green: Looking for Alaska. Still my favorite. I am a believer that the first John Green book you read stays the favorite.
  2. Neil Gaiman – Who? I had never heard of him (nor had any concept of fantasy as a genre) before blogging. Another author-rockstar. I have read six of his books, the first was Stardust and honestly? I wasn’t blown away. I still cite this as an example of the movie being better than the book. (I think due to order: if you see first then read, the movie is better.) THEN I read Neverwhere (fun!) and then American Gods. FINALLY I grasp the genius.
  3. Women Unbound Challenge – I was invited to be a co-host of a challenge in 2010 focusing on celebrating women and feminism. I read Herland, reread The Awakening, and discovered phenomenal writers and excellent nonfiction. I specifically give a shout-out to Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier. I heartily recommend this if you haven’t read it.
  4. Readalongs – and Stephen King. I was not a King fan til only recently and now I am astounded by how many I can say I’ve read. I list IT as my favorite – one of my first audiobooks once I got an iPhone and started utilizing Loved it. It is my favorite King and yes, I do and know it has its flaws but it is wrapped up with good fun reading experience ribbons.
  5. Finally, let’s talk about pie. For this category, I will celebrate Making Piece by Beth Howard. I own two of her books – this one is her memoir about how she worked through her grief after the death of her husband by rolling pastry, peeling and slicing apples, and sharing pie all over the US. She has been on a pie journey ever since and I continue to follow her. I own her pie recipe book and look forward to her next book about her around the world peace promotion.

I gave a list of five amazing favorites of mine in my BBAW Save-the-Date post

Another big thank you for the bloggers instrumental in hosting BBAW. Have a great week, everyone!


39 thoughts on “Book Blogger Appreciation 2016 Day 1

    1. He is a litmus test name for me with people I meet who claim to be readers. If they know of him, I know we might have common ground somewhere.

  1. Love it! You did manage to surprise me with your list, although I might have been able to guess the last two, or a variation thereof! I’m always envious of you early book bloggers (the “in” crowd), because I didn’t start till 2009, and didn’t grasp the whole give and take of commenting until much later!

  2. Oh! I love this take on it, and back in 2007, I would have felt the same way. Never heard of Gaiman, never heard of YA, never read much contemporary actually in my case…

  3. Woman is going on my list right now and I love that you included a pie book!!

    Really enjoyed the thinking behind this post – I love how blogging has influenced your reads because it has heavily influenced mine too.

  4. Love the way that you laid this out Care–I think my answer will be fairly similar for my post on Wednesday. I often wonder what the heck I read before blogging as well–lots of popular fiction, I think. I read more by the same authors than I do now (with the exception of King). And of course, King is my favorite blogging discovery! I’ve had so much fun reading him with you and the rest of the gang.

  5. SO MUCH THIS. I never would have read Gaiman had it not been for blogs and YA would be foreign to me. Also I wouldn’t get to ogle your pies which would have been a tragedy. I do so like to ogle your pies. That sounds weird, but it’s a heartfelt love of sweets and carbs that propels the weirdness.

  6. Yay Gaiman! And the same one! My favorite is Neverwhere, but American Gods is still special.

    Stephen King yes. It though? Uh uh. lol

  7. It is really so much fun to see how everyone approached this prompt! I really love your focus on blogger influenced books. It was so fun to read how your reading life has been directly impacted by the blogging world. I love it.

    Also, I’ve just placed a reserve on Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier at my library!

    Happy BBAW! 😀

    1. Cool! I bought a copy of Woman for me niece after I read this and I found a copy in a bargain bin somewhere so I actually OWN a copy. Which is rare for me. I don’t keep books; rarely reread.

  8. It’s been fun to see the books bloggers are choosing for this post. And I like the way you approached it as before and after blogging. I’ve only been around a couple of years, but it’s still interesting to think about the books I choose to read now vs. before. I have no idea what 5 books I would choose to represent myself as a reader. Food for thought!

    1. It is very difficult – for me! – to pick favorite books and certainly books that ‘represent’. I feel that I read all over the place. And it changes often. I don’t know how well this post actually introduces myself to someone ‘new’ – I do believe I wrote this for bloggers that already ‘know’ me. oops?

  9. Of course there must be pie. You should have included something about letter writing and postcards… We need to get back to letter writing and postcards, Care… I have failed!

    1. Yea, this post wasn’t well-thought. I obviously was in a valentines-day food coma when I wrote it. I only realized I needed a pie book near the end of my brainstorming – and of course, I write these on the fly (zero planning!). I should have had a lobster book, a letter-writing book, or even just all pie books – to show the variety! ha. (whatever)

  10. I enjoyed your recounting of your blogging journey! There are so many books/genres I would have missed out on if not for the book blogging community.

  11. I absolutely love these choices and the way you talk about how your reading and blogging has changed. Basking in the bloggy love all day has obviously made me sentimental, but I think you are just the best, Care. Thanks for being you basically. ❤

  12. Blogging changed my entire perception of authors/reading – as a librarian. It’s been hugely influential. I’m in the same boat with you with Gaiman. And while I’ve always been a King fan, I’ve loved the read along experience.

    I can’t imagine you haven’t watched this, but have you seen Waitress? You must have…

  13. I have American Gods on my shelf. I’ve never read it….now feeling I should because I’ve felt the same way about him. Loved your blog history and your reasons behind the books.

  14. I totally know what you mean as far as the impact other book bloggers have had on my reading. There are so many books I have enjoyed that I would not have heard of if it wasn’t for book bloggers. (Book bloggers have also warned me off a few books as well. Another great service rendered.)

  15. Seriously, if there is one thing I want to thank blogging for, it’s bringing me to Neil Gaiman. I don’t think I would have tried his books otherwise except for Coraline because of the movie. But his books mean so much to me now and have shaped the reader I have become. Yay for bloggers!

  16. Care,
    Actually, I think that’s quite a literary gathering of books! And literary in the best sense–in that you are clearly widely read and enjoy lots of different books!
    Loving these BBAW posts, and I’m so glad you found book blogging. I always learn something new here. Thank you!

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