Books to Movie Edition 2016-1

Read It AND Saw It:  My most recent book-to-movie viewings…

The Painted Veil tpvbywsmMy book review. tpvfilm 2006. I enjoyed the movie and thought it beautiful and respectful of the story and setting and the ‘art of film’ – you could tell that the producers cared about a quality product. That said it wasn’t exactly faithful – a few new plot points added to add more physical drama – threat of war and revolution was more evident in the film. And I don’t think it was bad. Certainly, some of the conversations in the book are included word for word in the movie. Kitty’s transformation in the book was more powerful, though. And the ending is different but yet still the same. Kitty does come to understand. I declare both book AND movie QUITE GOOD, but again I have to say the old cliche “The book is better”. Edward Norton was a terrific Walter Fane. For anyone who liked the movie, I do hope you read the book! And then come tell me your thoughts…

The Giver tgbllMy book review 2009. tgfilm 2014. I liked the movie. Apparently I don’t remember the book because I was talking to my Senior-in-High-School neighbor who informed me, “They changed EVERYTHING!” So. The kids in the book are 12 but in the movie they are 18. Big difference! I liked Jeff Bridges and I thought our Memory Keeper boy did a decent job. Meryl Streep was harsh and humorless – ouch! Dystopia always has to have the buzz-kill control freak, amirite? The movie also seemed to end happily but I think I recall that the book ended on a cliff-hanger. Go with the book and let me know if you think I should read the next in the series… If nothing else, this YA (if not Middle School) duo of book-then-movie should spur terrific passionate discussion and I always think that is a good thing. Sometimes you need a bad thing to inspire the seeking of a good thing.

Mansfield Park mpbyja My review 2015. mpfilm1999. Skip the movie, read the book. The book was MUCH MORE entertaining! On the other hand, if you are a JaneAusten-ophile, you will probably find much to love with the movie. Personally, I thought it lacked all the humor and the annoyingness of the nutty characters. However, it was all pretty to look at, if you like period-piece old fussy British Austen adaptions. My two cents.

The Martian tmbyawa My review 2014martianfilm2015. Fun, fun, fun! Found both enjoyable. My husband – who points out to everyone how much of a nonreader he is – is also telling everyone that he devoured this book!! And that if he hadn’t read the book, he doesn’t think he would have liked the movie. He would have been lost. I don’t know. It doesn’t seem that the movie-going public who is enjoying the movie is having a problem – and I *AM* making the assumption that they ALL did NOT read the book first. Personally, I missed the humor of the book; the movie didn’t quite give it to me. Even if ‘they’ are calling this movie a comedy. Whatever. Does Matt Damon, on this movie poster, look creepy to you?


Saw it, didn’t read it…

Sicario – Ugh. Chilling. Hub thought it rather boring. I was terrified. (Not based on a book but people are recommending The Cartel by Don Winslow…)

Ex Machina – Yowza. Another nightmare-inducing (but captivating to watch) flick. (Not based on a book.)

The Grand Budapest Hotel – I loved it. (Not based on a book.)

rewatched:  The Imitation Gamealmost inspired to read more about Turing… (book “Alan Turing: The Enigma“)




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24 thoughts on “Books to Movie Edition 2016-1

  1. Fun! The Painted Veil was such a good book and I thought the movie was very beautiful cinematically. Will take your advice and skip the Mansfield Park movie. I loved The Grand Budapest Hotel, too, but never got around to reading the book.Next up for me will be Brooklyn, the movie… enjoyed the audiobook several years ago.

    1. Good news! There ISN’T a book for the Grand Budapest! Original movie screenplay – no based-on book. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to the book Brooklyn. Doesnt’ appeal to me and I know the movie won’t appeal to my hub.

  2. I am so glad you said that about the movie version of The Martian. I think Damon did a good job with what he had, but I do think that in an effort to keep that PG-13 rating they kept out way too much of the humor. I mean, they even cut my favorite lines when he creates boobs out of code! The humor is what keeps Mark alive, and it just isn’t quite there. Plus, I am not really a fan of how they changed his cross-country trip to the Ares 5 platform. I really enjoyed the movie, more than I thought I would, but the book is definitely WAY better.

    1. They changed the cross-country trip? Obviously, I don’t recall where and what they changed other than excising most of the F__ words out. 😉

      1. Yes, well, that was the biggest issue I had with it. Those F-bombs actually meant something in the context of the story and were another clue to Mark’s ability to stay sane when by himself for years.

        Yes, he slept under the Rover and there were NO problems whatsoever. Gone was the dust storm that would impact his charging time. Gone were some of the other disasters he faced just trying to get there. Too tame.

  3. I still haven’t seen The Martian, but I’m excited to — such a great cast! And I also very much want to watch Ex Machina, which has an amazing cast (Alicia Vikander is so cute!) and I’ve heard it’s creepy and strange and fascinating.

  4. I don’t watch many movies, but I did see The Imitation Game last weekend – it was so good! It had me googling.
    I love The Giver, and am afraid they might have ruined the movie, so I haven’t watched it yet. Your blurb about it doesn’t give me much hope. The kids are not supposed to be 18! Why do they mess with these things? But, I do highly recommend all 4 of the books. It’s not always clear how they are connected, but you will see it all eventually. But they are all good on their own, anyway.

  5. I just watched Sicario yesterday and found it incredibly depressing. All the other Oscar nominees look depressing too. I did get Ex Machina from the library but I think I’ll have to be in a particular mood for it.

  6. I enjoyed The Painted Veil and The Martian in both forms but I agree with you that The Martian movie just wasn’t as funny. And, yes, they did cut out quite a bit of his cross-country trip.

    Loved the way they ramped up the tension in The Painted Veil and softened the characters a bit, toward the end.

    Mansfield Park is the only Jane Austen I haven’t been able to get through, both movie and book. But, I did try to read it as an e-book and I have a tendency to set e-books aside and forget I’m reading them. There’s a different movie version with Billie Piper from Dr. Who and the actors who play Peggy and Jarvis in the Agent Carter TV series. David and I tried to watch that, recently, and we both thought it was dreadful. I think we maybe made it 1/3 of the way through, at best. I don’t think I’ve seen the one pictured.

    1. Cool, in this age of swoony-love for Downton Abbey, it scares me a bit to ‘not like’ some of these British dramas – andbut (as John Green might say), I do get the humor. Mansfield Park was both tedious and hilarious to me. The movie was heavier on the tedious, unfortunately.

      1. There’s no requirement for you to love all things British. I don’t and you know what an Anglophile I am! I thought the version of Mansfield Park that we watched was a bit tedious, too. And, perhaps had a few too many characters? David and I found ourselves giving each other that, “Um, huh, this is not . . . it’s just . . . not something,” look and after a couple more exchanged glances, I finally said I’d had enough. I’m pretty sure David was on the verge of bolting out of his seat, at that point, so the feeling was mutual. That may be a Jane Austen I never get around to giving a second chance.

  7. I haven’t seen any of these movies yet, but HAVE read The Martian (and gave it to my husband for Christmas, who also read it). I just watched a Masterpiece Theatre movie version of Emma, which I thought was very true to the book. We started to watch the Gweneth Paltrow movie first but the sound quality of the tape (watching with my father!) wasn’t good, and, besides, Emma was NOT a blonde! 😉

    1. It is so disconcerting to have an actor be so far off the mark of the character in one’s head, yes? Have you watched Clueless? Supposedly it is based on Emma? loosely, but I could be wrong, too.

  8. Bummer about The Giver. I can’t believe they put an older kid in the movie. That’s not how things should be done!! As for Martian, I feel like I was the only one who didn’t enjoy the movie. I devoured the book but the movie felt so artificial in comparison. But I think I didn’t enjoy this movie for the same reason I struggled with the Harry Potter movies – the book was much better.

    1. I can’t comment on the Harry Potter movies because I haven’t seen them all, the ones I did see were out of order and I saw a few before I read the books. I totally respect Alan Rickman as Snape… I fancy that someday I will watch all the movies in order in a marathon. Someday!

  9. I cannot for the life of me remember The Painted Veil (movie). Perhaps I should rematch it because I do remember it being lovely, and then read the book. Mansfield Park – I love both the movie and the book but then I’m both a rabid Austen fan and a fan of all period pieces.

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