Fun Stuff (Think FOOD)

Husband and I were watching the Food Network as we often do and some show with some person I didn’t recognize made this INCREDIBLY easy soup!  We had it for lunch – it was WONDERFUL!

Incredibly Easy Three Ingredient PEA Soup

Really! I encourage you to try it. And of course, the ‘three ingredient’ bit is click-bait but who counts water and salt as ingredients?!  Water – Peas – Olive Oil – Seasonings = done and delicious.

Other news:  TODAY, January 17th is LETTER WRITING DAY. I will be writing to Jill, Emily, Cherlyn and probably my Auntie Lil. (I’ve been sending Auntie postcards of the Christmas Card pretties that I cut off from the cards… the ones that are not exactly Christmas-y but more snowy and good-feelings. Like PEACE.)

Pssst – it is snowing as I type this!


January 23rd is PIE DAY! or was, rather, it used to be? The American Pie Council LAST YEAR declared this day as such but this year they have decided to throw their support to March 14 as the official Pie Day. Ok, whatever, I don’t know how/why Jan 23 was selected anyway and true, the momentum for celebrating PIE with PI has certainly been building and growing. But I’m sad, too. So I will be making a pie on Jan 23. I’m thinking a Chocolate Cream. Mmmmmmmmmm

Have a wonderful week, my friends!


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23 thoughts on “Fun Stuff (Think FOOD)

  1. I made Indian Carrot-Ginger Soup yesterday in the Crock Pot. It’s soup weather here, too! I wanted to write thank you notes today, not even realizing that it’s Letter Writing Day, but I did Bloggiesta instead, and now I have to get going on other stuff. I’m glad to know you’ll keep up the tradition of the original Pie Day! The lost arts of letter writing and pie baking are safe with you!

    1. My husband was just telling me that North Carolina is famous (huh?) for their Cream of Chicken stew. Who knew? But we will probably try it soon. AND a Brunswick Stew which I have no idea how that got its name so I need to do some local soup research, obviously.

  2. I think every day should be letter writing day!! I love snail mail. I write often to many people. I love it!! Some of them even write m back. I want to be that quirky lady who writes to her neighbor. (yes that is weird, but…. ???). I am making soup now—Corn and Cheese Chowder—and listening to “The Lost City of Z” And hoping our snow will melt!!
    (Okay, I don’t actually write to my neighbor BUT I will write an old friend who I don’t see as often as I used to, and we live in the same town.) Glad your soup was good. Can’t wait for Pie day!

  3. Pie..yum…pie… I don’t really make pie but I love eating them. Apple crumble pie or pecan pie. Better not let my mind drift towards pies now. I have to try that pea soup!

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