The Map of True Places

Thoughts tmotpbybb  The Map of True Places by Brunonia Barry,  Wm Morrow an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers 2010, 407 pages

Genre: Women’s Lit
Type/Source: Hardback – Library
 Why I read this now: For my neighborhood book club

WHAT’s it ABOUT: A psychiatrist loses a patient to suicide and learns to care for her ailing father. Secrets about her parents may or may not have been revealed to all. People are not what they seem.

WHAT’s GOOD: This tale is carefully constructed and then carefully dismantled in the telling. Lots of references to literature and also with Barry’s prior book (The Lace Reader) due to same setting and if I recall correctly, a few same minor characters. The author manages to throw a lot in this book and manages to connect all the dots.

What’s NOT so good: Almost too calculated. The secrets, though they may have surprised me somewhat, were not shocking, and had some of that peeking behind the curtain feel. I never got invested in the protagonist but I did like many of the characters.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I liked this better than The Lace Reader. I can see how this would be highly rated by readers who love these kinds of stories. I like things a bit more edgy and philosophical; less played out by the following of a plan. That’s just me.

A solid three star – I liked it. It certainly had that can’t-put-it-down grip on me that makes reading fun.

RATING: Three slices of blueberry pie.

“Pies made from wild blueberries were left on the doorstep by neighbors whose families had summered on the island for generations.”




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6 thoughts on “The Map of True Places

    1. Or is it you have signed up for the #ReadMyOwnBooks challenge? I can’t recall what I didn’t like exactly about The Lace Reader but it is good enough and wouldn’t dissuade anyone to read it. I think Barry is getting better as an author – though I really don’t know how many books she’s written. Perhaps I should go look…

      1. I have been making a big effort to read books off my own shelves since I did my last TBR mountain last April! I’m 30 down! Still somewhere around 900 to go, but it’s a start 🙂

  1. I read The Lace Reader with a book group several years ago. I think I liked it fairly well. Thought the setting was interesting, but I can’t remember much else. If this one has some of the same characters, I should try it.

    1. I wouldn’t say the same characters are more than a one page mention but it has been a long time ago. If you liked The Lace Reader, you should definitely like this one, too.

      And I’m sorry that I can’t get Blogger/Blogspot to allow my comments – so frustrating that I can’t comment on blogs for that platform! there are SO many blogs that I write big long comments and the system refuses to post. Frustrating.

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