Year End Review 2015 By the Numbers


I read 75 books in 2015. 

by WORDS post / faves

Pace:   ~1.5 books per week.

(The past few years, I’ve only been able to read 64,61,68,63… This was my best year since 2009 when I read 87!)

Pages Read:  25,936 (using goodreads total because my spreadsheet didn’t quite reach this number, I wonder why…And I know damn sure I am not going to try and figure it out.)

[Updated cuz it is like picking a hole in the knees of my jeans… COMPARE:


with this:


SIGH…. Which IS it!  My spreadsheet gave a total of 18,896… SO, maybe I will just redo these numbers with an estimate; rounding to 19,000:  ]

Average Pages/Book: 253  pieratingsml Average Pages/Week: ~365

Audiobook Count: 21 pieratingsml Hours Listened:  323

Average Hours/Book: ~15.4

Fiction/Nonfiction:  60/15  (80/20%)

Contemporary Lit – 16%
Memoir – 14.7%
Classics – 9.3%
Women’s Lit – 12%
Short Story – 6.7% <– most of these were classics…


Female/Male:  55/20 (73/27%) – WOW!

tB = Tradeback – 35%
A = Audiobook – 28%
HB = Hard back – 25%
eB = electronic book = 7%
pb = Paperback (count 3)
Lp = Large print (count 1)
(You might just conclude that I don’t use my kindle much, huh? I think this is because most of my book clubs have the book in hand from the library so I do forget about that ebook format, often! Plus, I found a wonderful indie bookstore in 2015.)

Seven books published before 1920; <50 books published in the 21st century; 16 in 2014, 5 in 2015.

OLDEST: Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale – woo hoo.

Four books published in the 1950s and four published in the 1960s. What is most curious is wondering if these authors read each other’s books. Like, did Ayn Rand read Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land? What would Heinlein have thought about Altas Shrugged?!

And is it possible that the authors of Woman on the Roof and The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. BEF walked by each other on the streets of NYC – both books set in Manhattan, same year. For that matter, did they brush shoulders with Patti Smith who was also running around the city in those years? (I didn’t read Just Kids this year but in 2011 but I was reminded of it for some reason.)

LONGEST:  Atlas Shrugged 1198 pages

LONGEST TITLE: The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy


CHUNKSTERS:  7 (over 450 pages)


I seriously want to redo all this stuff  – be more organized blahblahbalh, but I have fun the first half of all this number crunching, I do. And then I get to Jan 5th and just ‘GIT IT DONE’. The only thing that REALLY interests me? How many books, how many on the 1001+ Books to Read Before I Die and… that’s about it.  It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, yaknow. Other than my challenges, my book clubs, the fun readalongs, and making sure I get some nonfiction in the reading diet, I am happy as pie.

Oh! I think I will try and do better tracking books that mention pie!!




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5 thoughts on “Year End Review 2015 By the Numbers

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  2. Great tags, as always! My eyes glaze over a bit at pie charts, but I liked your reflections on your books read, longest and shortest title, etc.! Maybe I’m just jealous at all of you who have these annual statistics at your fingertips (even when you don’t compare them to last year’s…)! 😉

  3. You should get some kind of special prize for reading Atlas Shrugged! I read her book Anthem a number of years ago and was so appalled by it that I will never read anything else by her again, and that was a short book! And yeah, I’m with Jenny, you definitely need to keep track of books that mention pie or even pi 🙂

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