Year End Review 2015 In Words


I read seventy five books in Twenty Fifteen.
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Hopefully you read the prior post about all my FAVORITES of the  year.

Book I was excited about and thought I was going to love more:  Five Days at Memorial didn’t sit right with me by the end of it but I am impressed with my review of it.

Also, I expected Atwood’s last two books in the Maddaddam series (<– link to my review which also includes link to Year of the Flood) to blow me over but perhaps I was setting it up for that curse of too high expectation let down.

Most surprising book: Absolutely hands down:  Death in the Garden by Elizabeth Ironside. Not a cozy mystery – or maybe it is because I don’t have a grasp what that means exactly, but chock full of button-pushing thoughts in ways that I like: feminism, marriage balance and independence; it was just more than I expected and I really liked it. I really need to explore more of this author’s work.

dintgbyei ElizabethIronside

Book I pushed the most people to read: Besides Harold and Queenie!? [Just search for Rachel Joyce and find my posts.] I must push more ❤ love ❤ to James McBride’s The Good Lord Bird. It is history! and it is funny! Well, as funny as this sad chapter  of US history and this interesting character can get. It’s a romp and fascinating and if you love satire, I highly recommend.


Diversity: I had said I would be better on this and though I mentioned a particular author (Tayari Jones)and now must admit that I didn’t get to any of her books this year (bummer), I really did read more diversely and on purpose. I stated that I intend to read more nonfiction on issues of race and education and I did. See my November of Nonfiction.

I read EIGHT books from the list of 1001+ Books to Read Before I Die. [Link should go to my 2015 list on goodreads.]

Readalongs:  Thank you shoutouts to my Kingalong friends! We read Pet Sematary, Misery and ‘Salem’s Lot. ALWAYS a good time.

Sister Carrie was a shared reading experience and I read Flowers for Algernon with Athira.  A highlight of 2015 was something new and different: I live-tweeted my way through Elegance of the Hedgehog with (or rather, at) Katie – that was a blast and a fabulous fun way to share a book.

(I’m still up for a readalong of Germinal if someone wants to suggest a date.)


Only 19 books from 2015 were by an author I had previously enjoyed. Thus, approximately 50+ authors were new to me authors! – and that repeat count gets confusing because I read a few authors multiple times/books during the year and my head hurts.

Authors presented me with their second/third/etc: I read 3 more Stephen King’s, I read 3 titles by Rachel Joyce and she was new to me with Harold Fry’s Pilgrimage. I read two of Margaret Atwood’s and two of Liane Moriarty’s.

I reread: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.


I do a horrible job tracking genre. I did hit most all of them, I think.

And Debuts. Notables though would be Helen Macdonald for her H is for Hawk and Eowyn Ivey for The Snow Child. Perhaps also Renee Ahdieh for The Wrath and the Dawn. Oh! and Zen Cho for Sorcerer to the Crown.


Unintended THEMES in my 2015 reading: Mabels! – in H is for Hawk and in The Snow Child.

Classics and Challenges!  I am pleased. This year is my first of five to get after my Classics 50 list and I read TEN. Thankfully, I am not actually off the pace because we are allowed substitutions and on that regard, I finished 14 ‘classics’ when defined by books over 25 years old. I think that is the criteria. The ‘youngest’ book on my list I think is either Garp by Irving or Pinchon’s Gravity Rainbow? I need to double check that, I suppose…  Whatever. I am every so PLEASED with my classics reading, I am I am.

I finished What’s in a Name in record time and multiple books fitting many categories.  I felt I gave a strong effort to Nonfiction November.


I did lousy at seeing the films based on books I read precisely because I heard the movie was being made. Far From the Madding Crowd, Slaughterhouse Five, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Book Thief, Mockingjay, Unbroken, any of the Harry Potters (I’ve seen a few and not sure which ones!), Sister Carrie, Atlas Shrugged (to be honest, not interested!), From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. BEF, Pet Sematary?
I read a book that I had previously seen the film: The Talented Mr. Ripley, but I don’t recall much of the movie other than it was good and had beautiful people and scenery.
I did see Misery, so that is something. And Divergent (ugh), A Walk in the Woods.


WordPress does a nice job of sending Annual Reports. You can click here to view mine (don’t worry, it’s short…)

My year by the numbers post will probably after the new year! Looking forward to seeing YOUR year end posts or share your top favorites in a comment or your general overview of YOUR reading year. Do share!




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11 thoughts on “Year End Review 2015 In Words

  1. You rocked your reading this year! I just added The Good Lord Bird to my TBR, thanks for the recommendation. Also, I’ve been meaning to read Germinal for SOOO long. I’m sure that with babies and such I probably won’t be up for it at the beginning of the year, but maybe in the fall?

  2. I started a spreadsheet a few years ago to track page numbers, genre, diversity, etc but don’t think I even kept at it a month. I love reading everyone else’s stats and really do need to do a better job of keeping my own.

  3. Should I try AGAIN this year to keep stats? I love seeing everyone else’s, but I just can’t manage to keep tracking them (like Kathy/bermudaonion) longer than a few weeks or a month into every new year! I gave my husband The Martian for Christmas and he read it right away. Now we can see the movie, but it’s probably not around anymore! Misery was not one of my favorite King books, but IT is going to be on my Favorite Audiobooks of 2015 list if I ever get it posted…

  4. I read Flowers for Algernon for school and loved it. I keep meaning to re-read it. I have The Snow Child but haven’t read it yet.

    I saw the play Misery with Laura Metcalf and Bruce Willis while I was in NYC for the week of Thanksgiving. I’ve been a huge King fan since Carrie came out and love his movies, so seeing the play was more than exciting. I love the play, both actors did a great job!

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