Suggestions for a Book Club

Hello, this is a post in response to a very sweet request from my former book club. The book club I had to move away from when we took the job in North Carolina; the book club I miss, and one of a few reasons I am sad we had to leave Massachusetts.

This book club has a private group on Facebook and they recently posted:

Care, if you’re still interested, we need book choices from you for our January meeting. Let me know! 📚📚📚💕💕💕

Aw, how can I resist?

So. Looking back at my 2015 and forward through my tbr, I have selected these FIVE fiction titles for my friends from which to choose if they so desire. I will include my endorsement and a link to my review (if I’ve already read.)

  1. THE SNOW CHILD by Eowyn Ivey. This is the book that my current NC club is reading. It comes highly recommended. I’m only a few pages in. I have until the first week of January to finish. Link to LitLovers (a great site to find book club discussion guides.)
  2. OUR SOULS AT NIGHT by Kent Haruf. This is on the Tournament of Books long list and I have read some incredible reviews declaring it an amazing read. Note: I am captivated by the TOB set in March each year. I rarely read freshly published books so I even more rarely have read any of the books nominated to win the Rooster. But last year I did better than usual. This coming year, NONE! So I need to catch up. This book is less than 200 pages. Novellas, oh how I do love you… Link to Our Souls At Night guide at LitLovers.
  3. THE PAINTED VEIL by W.Somerset Maugham. I know that Gail will appreciate me offering a classic! This title will satisfy the CLOTHING category of the What’s in a Name Challenge 2016 and is also on my Classics Club 50. And I think it might be really good. AND there is a movie to watch after! (squeeeee). Read Karen and Amanda’s review here (Karen says it has LOTS of good discussion points). This is the link to the youtube movie trailer and even tho I entered it in just like I did the one above, it isn’t showing it the same and I can’t figure out why not. –>
  4. DEATH IN THE GARDEN by Elizabeth Ironside. Finaly getting to the sugs that I have read; reviewed in October – it was for my neighborhood book club. I think it a very surprising book full of GREAT STUFF – marriage? women’s independence? MURDER! It’s a mystery/whodunnit – always fun! It’s smart writing and has that charming British wit. (but the kind that even dumb Americans like me ‘get’. And my review defines any unknown words so…) I highly recommend this! (Also, Ms. Ironside is interesting in her own right – look her up.)
  5. HEFT by Liz Moore. I just think many of the gals in the club will enjoy this book. I am not going to link to my review from August because it has spoilers SO you can click here to get to the LitLovers page or look for it yourself where ever you like to go to for reviews. I will share the last few lines of mine anyway, tho:  “This book had charm and grit and attempts to find the light when all you can see is the dark. You don’t have to like the characters; yes, they were flawed. They were real. I recommend this book. I recommend the audio. I will read more by this author.” Watch this, too – one of the best book trailers I’ve seen: (same with this one, why is it showing the html and not the image?!) –>

OK, I hereby present CARE’s BOOK CLUB FIVE. Maybe a new feature to be done every six months or so? I made a shelf in goodreads for this list, as well. Click away!

If you were to pick just ONE from this list, which would you choose and why?



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14 thoughts on “Suggestions for a Book Club

  1. Good choices! I loved both The Painted Veil and Our Souls at Night. The Snow Child is waiting for me on my Florida tbr shelf, I added Death in the Garden to my wish list after reading your review, and have Heft on my audio wish list. How can I possibly choose???

  2. I believe I read Heft or maybe my son did for school??? I can’t remember much these days my brain is toast.

    I got your lovely card. Mine will be a little late. My son was most impressed with your personalized postage stamp. I guess he didn’t realize that such things could be done.

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