The Bungalow

Thoughts tbbysj The Bungalow by Sarah Jio, Plume 2011, 320 page eBook

Blurb:  A sweeping World War II saga of thwarted love, murder, and a long-lost painting.

What’s it ABOUT: A young socialite who is in a committed relationship with the steady-fellow that has been her destiny to wed (his name is Gerard) has just graduated from nursing school with no intentions of ever really being a nurse. However, she impulsively signs up to be a WW2 nurse in the South Pacific because her best friend signed up! She really wasn’t 100% sure that she was quite yet ready to move into that destiny of being Gerard’s wife and the mother to his soon begotten children anyway. And nurses are needed due to the war. Why not use that degree for a few months and be a good friend to Kitty?

So off to Bora Bora go our protag Anne and her bff. Soon enough, Anne has fallen for the handsome and passionate Westry and is fixing up an abandoned bungalow that once was the hideaway art shack of Paul Gaugin. Kitty is flirting with all sorts of handsome dangerous hotheads. A murder, an unwanted pregnancy, a painting disappears, Westry is sent to France, Kitty goes to France, Anne goes home to find her Gerard still loves her and so she gets back to those wedding plans.

Zoom forward 50+ years, and Anne receives a letter from Bora Bora. She and her granddaughter decide to go; why not? Right? It’s lovely there no matter what time of year.


And eventually everything is explained…

RATING: Two slices of pie. Mango Pie.

It was OK and I still might someday read The Violets of March, but I wasn’t too impressed with this – I had problems with the coincidences and that she made judgements that didn’t sit right with me. If you’ve read this, consider that letter she hides from Mary. She had NO right, imo. Mary was an odd story line. And Anne didn’t seem upset about stuff that I think she should have been upset about. Yea, just a little too convenient for plot progressing rather than developing.

But don’t take my word for it just because these kinds of books just aren’t always my cup of tea! Read Meg’s review here. AND know that this book had a goodreads rating of 3.93 which is pretty good.

Read for my neighborhood book club. Discussion tonight.




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6 thoughts on “The Bungalow

    1. OK, here’s the spoiler-ed version of what happens… Yikes, long version or short? Short version is that Westry has always been in love with Anne and he has hoped she would come back to Bora Bora but she never ever did, of course. Long version: Anne’s tour is over but she doesn’t have time to go back to the bungalow for the painting. Westry is sent to European Front, Kitty is despondent and jealous of Anne and goes to France where she ends up tending to an injured Westry. Anne hears Westry is on death’s bed and trains-then-boats over the Atlantic to see if he really is her One True but Kitty tells her that Westry doesn’t want to see her. BUT WHAT REALLY HAPPENS?! Westry goes back to Bora Bora every year and of course, rescues the painting. An odd side story (one of several) is that Kitty had given her child up for adoption and that person has tried all her life to find justice for a murder that Anne and Westry witnessed but never told anyone. Why? because the murderer is the father of Kitty’s baby, the victim being a native girl. Blahblahblah, the person trying for justice is the kid who was adopted! Westry having become a famous reclusive artist who had made a sculpture in Anne’s home town and had hidden the painting inside and somehow it all comes together, Anne and Westry are reunited and the painting is safe. The murderer is long dead but now has his service record purged. (or whatever the military does to dishonor bad soldiers.) Kitty and her daughter get to meet and be friends. Kitty and Anne become friends again? The End.

  1. She has a formula for her books which is why I stopped reading them. They are typically the same but set in different parts of the country. Violets lured me in but after about four or five books I decided to move on. She’s super sweet on social media and very, very successful with what she does. I’ve just read a lot of that formula and now have moved on.

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