Update on a December’s Eve

My blog is undergoing a transformation or experiencing metamorphosis; perhaps some great cataclysmatic eventing, too. Not sure. YET.

I just decided ‘eventing’ is a word. Deal.

Because I am sitting here facing a challenge at a time of year when I want to both cuddle with my dogs and watch movies while also furiously ranking my best-of lists and getting ready to chunk reading stats and making to-do and goals lists because that is what I love about December. I love the festive hustle-bustle and flipping through my many pie books to decide some new concoction for a Christmas gathering and wrapping of gifts! But I loath getting out the stuff to decorate and worrying about where the tree should go and the pounds I pack on while stressing about what to wear to office ‘parties’ where I have to smile at people who know of me but I don’t know at all. The competing forces of this time of year…

And now, you see, please understand… my blog has been sickly. If you have visited in the last few weeks, you may have noticed that my menu bar had disappeared. This was due to an unsupported theme. A theme that I had been using at least five (six? SEVEN?!) years and loved. I loved the look of my blog. I love(d) the clean-ness, all the white space, the uncluttered, everything-in-its-place feel. I had it just like I liked it, or at least had grown to fondly dismiss any of its weaknesses and those features that I couldn’t change anyway. But now!

Now! I have changed to THIS theme. Whaddya think? It still allows my customizable header photo. My search button is in the same place. And now I get the comment-link at the top. #sadface.  And the tags are at the bottom. #cantrecallifthatiswhatIusedtonotlikeandcouldntchange? And the font is BIG. BIGGER. Whaddya think?

Note: the menu bar is confusing here. You must click on the menu title to see THAT PAGE and not just the links to more pages. SO confusing. For example, if you only hover over the 2015 Challenges, you might think my only Challenge is the Classics Club and that’s not true – it is just one more page of specifics. Am I explaining that clearly?

Maybe this is good for me. Perhaps I *should* start thinking about going WP.org. I have had such good times here, though and I feel like I’m deserting an old friend when the friend just happened to got a new hair cut. And I should. I really should get my fingers into the goo of really owning my own blog; cease my dependency on WP.com. I should. I should think of it as adventure. #braveface

Updates. Here’s one: Welcome to this new theme! Don’t get used to it? Be prepared for an announcement that you will have a new url addy to follow! But don’t worry, I do not anticipate this happening soon what-with Christmas being a quick zoom of two weeks or so? Three? Feels quick. I have real life things to do a lot of in the next two weeks, I’m thinking with a side-glance at my calendar…

Updates, some more: NaNoWriMo. Yes! I didn’t finish with a word count of the goal of 50,000 but I DID write 15,000! I refuse to think of this as a failure even if I really didn’t write anything at all the last two weeks of November. Nor much of the second week. But for the first 10 days, I really applied myself. I had zero ZERO idea of what I was going to write about and I actually had a few characters come to a little bit of life and speak to me with ideas. The ideas didn’t pan out but maybe they needed to go to sleep til a later time. OR maybe I just need to actually take some plot-development courses and see what I got? cibbyiw Sure, I had some blahblahblah words that were typed and sentences strung out to multiply word (oh crap, I can’t think of THE word that should go here!) <— such as; this is a great example. I typed in a TON of notes to myself to “explore this further in detail, etc”. So, true, I didn’t “make it”, but I am not unhappy with my experience and I thank Nancy and Athira for checking in on me. Congratulations to all my buddies for their successful 50K counts!

What else?  Thank you Kim Lulu Becca & DoingDewey (a blog I need to spend more time with) for #NonFicNov! I am deep in my civics lessons still but am glad for the push to devote the reading time I did to these brilliant texts. Also, on Small Business Saturday, I purchased Devil in the White City by Erik Larson so I can jump into that in December, methinks.

Estella’s Revenge is cussing over at her blog… Having just purchased a book that I apparently already had on my shelf, I guess I need to spend some of my time considering this idea, too. ReadMyOwnDamnBooksbutton

On a plus note, I have zero books to hurry!!!-and-read to complete any 2015 challenges and THIS is something to celebrate. Reviews of I am Malala and The Bungalow by Sarah Jio (fiction for neighborhood book club) coming soon. Back to my audio of My Brilliant Friend, oh oh yes. Looking forward to this sinister-feeling Italian escape.

Something else to look forward to? TOMORROW, DEC 1, SHOULD GIVE ME BLOG-SNOW!  Squeeeeeeeeee (It’s the little things, really).

Talk to me! What are YOU up to?


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28 thoughts on “Update on a December’s Eve

  1. While I hate that your old theme flaked on you, I do like the look of your current digs. I so hear you on the ups and downs of December–so many things to love, so many things to not love. And dear lady, congrats on your NaNoWriMo–I agree with you, that absolutely qualifies as success!

  2. I like the new look, too! I haven’t figured out how to make my blog posts appear in a bigger font, although everyone recommended it during the last Bloggiesta. I don’t know how to make it snow on my WordPress.org blog, either, so there’s another advantage of WordPress.com!

    1. I’m pretty sure the snow is a WP plugin for WP.org blogs, yes? I googled this morning when it didn’t start up immediately but then got distracted. When I checked later, it was snowing! 😀

  3. Love the new look! I often wonder about mine – should I change it? Leave it? But, I don’t really have time to think about it, so it will probably just stay the same forever. Unless my theme expires, like yours did… 😦 There are still a couple things about mine that I can’t figure out. For some reason, even though I’ve obviously done it before, I can’t get a new page to show up on my menu bar. Every once in a while I give it another try – one of these days I’ll figure it out.
    Congratulations on your month of writing!

    1. Thanks, you mean my ‘ten days’! ha. They say we can just try on new themes to see how they look but I was truly fearful to hit submit. Seems all here. Not sure if I will manage a total migration – the documentation seems to suggest that losing photos is possible, but I’m just starting to explore self-hosting and what all I need to have figured out before the big move.

  4. Very nice! I like that WordPress has blog snow for December. My husband complains it freaks out his eyes but I tell him too bad! Let it snow! Congrats on your 15,000 words. the ultimate goal may have been bigger but hey, the result is still a lot and worth being proud of!

    1. I really am a conflicted writer and just don’t know if rather than how to create a ‘story’ plot, etc. But I went into it with a wonder and though I could be disappointed, I’m actually pleased with it. Baby steps!

  5. Love the new theme! I think the tags look really nice, even if they’re not where you want them to be. I sympathize. Tags at the front have always been my favorite, but sadly I had to switch my theme recently too in order to be readable on people’s phones. :/

    1. I personally think it presents TOO BIG. I want to read the first few lines of a post before have to page down, yaknow? oh well. not a worrisome issue. Thanks. I was always pleased with how I my blog looked on my phone. I cant’ recall if I have even paid attn to that with this them. gulp.

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