Never Change

Thoughts ncbyeb Never Change by Elizabeth Berg, Washington Square Press 2001, 224 pages

FIRST Sentence: The Tuesday before it happened was a perfect summer day.

What’s it ABOUT: I don’t think I can tell you without giving it all away! Let’s skip to the next section:

WHY did you read this? Implicit or inherent in this question is the WHY NOW and that is what I need to explain. I finished ‘Salems Lot with too much month left. I wanted something short and thus this book won the battle of the books on my fiction shelf.

I had only read one other Berg book and I wasn’t overly impressed. Not UNIMPRESSED but it didn’t wow the socks off. I just reread my review and it seems that my first Berg experience may have suffered from book-hangover. I had read it right after Owen Meany.

So, the point? I wasn’t expecting much. I was just hoping to get another title in on the month.

And I liked it. A solid 3 and half slices of pie that I decided was worthy for a roll up to a 4.

What’ is ABOUT, you ask again? A home health nurse who lives a quiet life of low expectations and tells herself she is happy is assigned a new client suffering from a brain tumor. He just happens to be the hot guy from High School that she dreamed of forever.

Can she make him fall in love with her?!  No, that’s really not quite her mindset. Or is it?

Frankly, she has a poor self-image. Mayhem ensues. No! not quite that, either!! 

Anyway, blah blah blah, life lessons learned, the good and the bad is experienced, we gain new perspectives, and the beat goes on. You get the picture.

Elizabeth Berg likes pie. This book had at least FIVE pie mentions and one of these was to MAKE A PIE! All good.

RATING: Four slices of SUGAR PIE. fourpie





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6 thoughts on “Never Change

    1. She is solid. Just never ‘extraordinary’. I think that whatever book you might read and IF the time is right, can hit like a true-good-thing. Otherwise, maybe not.

  1. I used to read Elizabeth Berg faithfully, until I hit one that just seemed too much like the last one and stopped. I did read Never Change and remember liking it. I’m guess I’m not surprised to hear she likes pie, since one of her books is titled The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted!

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