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Just finished:  The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery – my kind of book. LOVED it.

Review post that I am pondering over:  ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King – I am thinking this is the scariest I’ve read, really!

Book just started:  Never Change by Elizabeth Berg – another book that has the author’s name bigger than the title. HATE that.

State of indecision:  Should I commit to Nanowrimo? Do I dare? Do I just try to do it on my own or does going to the site and signing in make it more real? I am worried that I will give up and also that I won’t have any idea how to start. I don’t have any stories in me. How WILL I ever start? Should I attempt to just WRITE or should I now be structuring a story outline with characters and some sort of event, a problem, a building up to a big explosion and then the aftermaths? Ah… I don’t know.


I fear I have a book hangover.

I was so immersed and relishing the wild thought revelry that was Hedgehog Elegance — knowing that there is no way I could ever write a book like THAT. And now, I start the Berg book and it is cutting close to the bone in terms of protagonist. Ouch, you might say. I am reading it with an eye for a nanowrimo experiment and I’m not measuring up.

Pour on top of that ice cream sundae all the angst of my life – making a fool of myself today calling the school district wondering where my paycheck is only to find out that the paycycle ended last week and they will need another to cut the damn thing. Oh. “Ok, nevermind. Thank you.” Shheeeesssh.

And looking for a job. The ones that gratefully have told me, “nah, you aint the one” so I can go cry about it and cross it off the list which is so much preferable to the ones where I hear nothing and wonder if I should be bugging somebody (who exactly?) and when/if I find somebody, what words do I use to ‘inquire further’? Ugh. It’s just so much bird crap on the head after you just washed your hair. I hate it.

So. That’s me, right now. What’s going on with you?

Oh, gotta add that Never Change has had 4, FOUR! pie references before the first 50 pages…




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16 thoughts on “Just… Musings

  1. I say go for it, too! I think about trying it every year, and the timing never seems right, so maybe it’s best to jump in and try it without talking yourself out of it first! Those of us on the sidelines will cheer you on!
    I hope the job search experience improves soon. I don’t think following up does any good anymore, so I wouldn’t bother worrying about that, but I do wish more people would let applicants know once the decision has been made, especially when it’s so easy with email now.

  2. Glad to hear you liked The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Sorry to hear you’re in job application hell. You’d think people could at least respond. Although from hiring students, I do know it’s hard to gear myself up to write the rejection e-mails. That doesn’t mean I don’t do it, though!

  3. {{{HUGS}}} Hope you get a job call soon.

    Also, you must do NaNoWriMo! You won’t know whether you will bail out of it until you actually commit to doing it. So you should do it. Also? Do a post here on your progress. I would LOVE to do it someday. Maybe talk about your structure or your approach or challenges! I promise we will cheer you on.

  4. I’ve been busy sneezing and running around and because I was dizzy, I could not read but I am almost 100% again. I suspect I will finish Salem’s Lot this weekend. Just in time! LOL.

  5. I’m so happy to see all the positive comments and I agree 100%. You know I’ve done NaNoWriMo several times, right? I’ve finished 2 books during NaNo and a couple of times I just hit the wall. One time I was going gangbusters and got called to OK because my mother was in the hospital. That year sucked worse than the years I failed. I *always* have felt like the experience was worth the effort spent, even if I didn’t end up with a finished novel.

    As to planning, I’ve always been a “seat of the pants” writer. Generally, I just try to think of a good opening line and take it from there. I never know where those stories will take me. You could try using a dream you’ve had as a starting point or fictionalize your own frustrations or put on a tin hat and write the weirdest thing you can think of. Anything goes. It’s really very fun. 🙂

    I haven’t signed up, yet, but you can friend me at NaNo or we can email if you want someone to talk to as you’re going through it. Like buddy reading, it’s fun and helpful to have friends writing with you.

  6. Ugh, looking for a job is a job! It can be so frustrating. I work in HR and even when I know how the hiring process works it is still hard for me when I’ve been on the job hunt. Sending you good vibes!

    And, I’m with you on author’s names bigger than the titles – what is up with that! No like. And, last thing – jump in on NaNo!

  7. Haha. I also hate when the author’s name is bigger than the title!

    Also, I have to tell you that I love seeing your pie tweets. Another way to assess literature. Esp now that we are heading into serious pie season!! Dreaming of pumpkin pie…

  8. Elizabeth Berg is a favorite of mine and it’s been too long since I read her. Like a few other authors if you read the backlist too close together they all feel similar.
    Good luck on the job search! I’m considering putting myself out there to be rejected next year after Gage goes to kindergarten 🙂

  9. litandlife

    I did not like Hedgehog at all for about 150 pages. Seriously considered not finishing it. And then…everything changed. And everything in those 150 pages had built up to help me love the rest of it. And now I blame that book for never allowing me to give up on a book because you just never know.

    1. I now tend to skip to the end and see if I still dislike a book I’m considering dumping and then if I find that I’m at loose ends to fill in the blanks, I skim but I do resent the whole ordeal. Better to just pick good books and either put aside for a better mood/time – this works for me. Life is too short to waste too much time on books that are clicking.

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