How About a PIE Post? #iLovePie #SalemAlong


Random Thoughts and Upcoming Events. And PIE.

I made a Figgy Pudding Pie yesterday.

IMG_3164 IMG_3166 It’s a custard over fresh figs that I broiled with evoo, honey and sea salt. The crust turned out great and this is good for me to know because I didn’t follow my typical process of chopping up the butter and freezing it, while also chilling the bowl, the cutter, the flour, etc. I just mixed it, kept it QUICK, and wa la!

It tastes AWESOME. I intend to make this pie every season when I see figs in the grocery store. And then! I am going to see how it turns out with dried figs since those are usually available most anytime. YUM.

I am reading Fog Island Mountains by Michelle Bailat-Jones and it is VERY good. Very unique for me. Lots of mood and atmosphere. Lots of linky connections are sparking lately, too, that I hope I can remember when I get around to posting reviews. These are when you encounter something that reminds you of the last one or two books you’ve read or are reading. Like seeing KANSAS mentioned in Inside the O’Briens after just finishing Wicked where WICHITA popped up. I’m still trying to get to The Life-Changing Magic book but it just doesn’t want to be opened for some reason. I keep moving it from room to room and yet every time I reach for my fiction read instead.

Back to the idea of book-connections; early in FIM, the narrator rescues a hawk!

Speaking of hawks and rescues, I am listening to H is for Hawk and it is a TREMENDOUS experience! Add this to your tbl (to be listened), especially if you enjoy author narrations. Macdonald is excellent. H is for Hawk reminds me that I want to read HHhH. A very different book, I imagine. All about the Hs. Today’s H words are HARMONY, HOPE, HEART, HEALTH, HAPPY, and HA HA! I’m affirming my affirmations each day but going through the alphabet for other positive words to share. Trying to keep that positive self-talk front and center.

October is just around the corner so hurry up and get your edition of Salem’s Lot by Stephen King! We’ll be all a-twittering with #SalemAlong!  Check out Avid Reader’s post on Oct 1 for all the authentic important information. I have requested the print book from the library. Am debating the audiobook – I might use my October Audible credit. I’ve spied it in paperback size at the bookstore for ~$8. Decisions!

Also upcoming in October is #Diversiverse! divers15

I am going to read Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho. I also have Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Pattilo Beals ready. This book is memoir about the integration of Little Rock High School in 1957.

Somebody mentioned that it seems like I’m reading a lot lately but really, I’m only finally getting around to posting reviews of August reads. I think. I don’t think I’m reading more than usual. Of course, I am procrastinating a project or two and for some reason, this always spurs the blogging motivations!

I’ve already read my four books for RIP X and still have the readalong to look forward to!

Finally, I have a blogger meetup tonight and I am very excited. Yes, I’m going to share pie.

Happy FALL.


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8 thoughts on “How About a PIE Post? #iLovePie #SalemAlong

  1. I just finished Finders Keepers and have been craving more King. Lol. I’ll reserve a copy of the audio at the library and hopefully get it in time. The pie looks awesome!

    1. I am not an advocate that all pie crusts must be homemade – but if you do buy, get the rollout kind NOT the frozen. I have yet to find a frozen one worth the money. The rollout kind is decent. Or I have recipes that make your own crust! and/OR, the store-bought granola or chocolate crusts are fine – pain in the ass to make, imo.

  2. My first RIP book is a DNF so far. I got sidetracked by Elena Ferrante’s final Neopolitan novel and am not sure when I’ll get back to it.

    H is for Hawk is already on my audio wish list, but I’m not sure why. What do I know (or care?) about hawks… though I may be surprised since I was so taken with the mules in Oregon Trail. It’s going to the top of my list. Have to read/listen to the the next Trollope Barsetshire novel first.

    I remember reading Salem’s Lot in college.. it scared me to death! Not sure I’m up for it now… And that pie? Looks delicious!!

    1. I’m still looking for the book that scares me to death! I thought they would be so far – perhaps BECAUSE of readalonging? – I am only entertained. Hmmmm.

      The pie was fabulous.

  3. Can figs be eaten with their peel on? I always see pretty dishes with figs and their peels and I always wonder because the figs I get are rather tough with the peels on. I don’t see how they can be eaten.

    1. Huh, I don’t know enough about figs to have even considered this! I bought the pack from the grocery store and just bit right into them and they were WONDERFUL. SO, to answer your question, if the fig is the variety I had, no need to peel. BUT doing research after reading your question, there ARE different varieties and some have a thick bitter rind. And then I saw this! I didn’t experience this issue but you might want to watch:

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