Thoughts wicked Wicked by Gregory Maguire, Regan Books 1995, 409 pages


“and this is why you shouldn’t fall in love, it blinds you. Love is wicked distraction.”

WHY I read this: I was listening to my Pandora All-Broadway-Hits channel when that Gravity song came on from the show Wicked and after a Les Miz song and one by Rent or maybe Shampoo, a finale or some medley with Gravity lyrics came on and I went ahead and decided the universe wants me to read Wicked the book.

I had long ago and often decided that I really didn’t need to read Wicked. I know plenty of readers I admire who were not enamored by the series. But then my friend brought me her daughter’s copy (didn’t I explain this all already? did I already do a post on this, I’m feeling de ja vu.)

“I find it a great effort to believe in this one, “said Sarima, “yet it seems to be here, so why should I trust my skepticism about other worlds? Don’t you believe?”

If you click on the book cover above, you will be taken to my list of status updates in goodreads. I seem to have enjoyed the process of reading though I did mention that I had problems with it. I am finding I like it less and less upon reflection and time away from it.

SO, moral of the story, if this book title for you has been an undecided one to add or not to Mt TBR, I say skip it.

It’s just got holes and unfinished unexplained oddities and lack of real understanding to the motivations of the main character, I think. My opinion. I didn’t ‘get’ Elphaba, our lovely green protagonist and I didn’t ‘get’ her turn to wickedness, if that was indeed what it was. Her acts were certainly evil, in my book of definitions, and…

Well, really, the whole book SEEMS to be some (trying to be) weighty but fun treatise on what IS evil ?

but it fell flat for me.

I did enjoy seeing my home town of Wichita KS mentioned.

I was super glad there was a map so I could see and get a sense for Oz and where the travelers traveled.

I was delighted that the Fairy Queen was named Lurline which is what I named my car! Although I spell it Lurlene and now I’m not even sure if these names are pronounced the same. Opinion?

But I am neither glad nor sorry I read this book.

“… She sold out all her students who believed that a liberal education meant learning to think for themselves.” (And so she deserved to die)”

RATING: I gave it 3 slices of pie in goodreads with a note that it might be a 3 1/2. Now I might be tempted to change it to 2 or 2 1/2. Whatevs.

Thank you to the lovely BA for loaning me this book. I chuckled that all the bad words were crossed out in pencil. Her daughter is adorable.


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15 thoughts on “Wicked

  1. I know so many people who loved this book but I felt the same way you did – I just didn’t get it.

    I’d say Lurlene and Lurline are pronounced the same. They both sound pretty southern to me. 😉

  2. I read this a long time ago, back before blogging. From what I remember of it, I enjoyed the read. It didn’t sit with me for a long while after, the way good books do – and now you’ve got me thinking I should reread it to see the holes and unfinished unexplained oddities that I missed!

  3. I read it, liked it but have no desire to read anything else about the series. I detest Dorothy and the original Wizard of Oz so Elpheba will never be evil in my book. Then again, I suspect I am a bit odd. The music from the musical is damn good though!

        1. I thought I was being nice not picking on the badgers! I’m mean? I’m sorry. (I’ve never read the book, only the movie, and me being from Kansas, I gotta love Dorothy…)

        2. I love you, Care! Badgers and Packers are my team. The book is only slightly better than the movie. I know I am odd in my total dislike of Dorothy. No harm, no foul.

  4. I am on the fence about this book, with my legs on the ‘I want to read’ side. Maybe I’ll read it someday when I come across a copy of the book, but I’ll probably not go hunting for it.

  5. I did not like the book, and couldn’t get all the hype about it. There were little parts I was cool with, but the rest seemed a tragic mess. The play though, OMG, completely different! The show I got to see was spectacular and the storyline easy to follow if a bit common. I would totally suggest it 😀

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