RIP to the TENTH

Congratulations to all the RIP-ers who have participated each and every year! I have not but always want to? How’s that for being wicked?

AND on that thought, or coincidentally, . . .

I found myself listening to many Wicked songs from my Broadway Tunes Pandora channel and remarked to somebody that I probably should read Wicked by Gregory Maguire. Honestly, I didn’t even have the book on my tbr at goodreads (a few of  you are shocked knowing how many books ARE on my tbr at goodreads (1528))

and then this somebody person brought me the book to read.

Well, darn.

Since I hadn’t yet pulled The Elegance of the Hedgehog off my shelf to be the next physical book to read, I started Wicked.


This morning, I realized that Wicked would totally count for RIP and so here I am blogging a post about it.

Here’s the badge; it links to the official site and host: rip10500  <– designed by Abigail Larson.

Here is a possible list of other books I may or not read in participation of this grand bookish event:   Wicked, The Secret History (narrated by Donna Tartt), Woman on the Roof by Mignon G. Eberhart, and Salem’s Lot.


And finally,

READ SALEM’s LOT in October with us!  Watch Melissa’s blog for info and thank Trish for the soon to be revealed badge. I think we will be tweeting with hashtag #SalemReadalong?? maybe (to be updated when I know for sure)

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23 thoughts on “RIP to the TENTH

    1. Sadly, I am unable to comment at your blog – it is a conflict with Google and is NOT your blog per se. But I enjoyed your Station Eleven post AND am now craving Peach Bellinis.
      See you in October for Salem’s Lot!

  1. How’s Wicked so far? For some odd reason that book both intrigues and intimidates me. Which is probably why I’ve both bought it and given it away twice already. 😜
    Anyway, hooray for you for RIP-ping this year! I have The Secret History in my pile too. Of course I have so many damn books in my pile that it goes without saying that I may not get to it. 😉

    1. I am on page 60 so far and it is certainly interesting, not what I expected – which I am sure is distorted since I only have the songs to guide me. I think you will like it, there is humor and creativity!

  2. litandlife

    I was at Half Price Books the other day and thought I’d be able to pick up Salem’s Lot. Wouldn’t you know it, they have, literally, every other book ever written by King but NOT Salem’s Lot. Almost four shelves of King and not one copy. Glad you’re getting to join R.I.P.!

    1. I haven’t even started to look (not true, actually. I was in a bookstore sadly going out of business but the only King books were ones I’ve already read (or don’t want to!)

  3. I am do swamped at work right now that I have little time to blog hop and catch up but yes, I am doing the RIP X challenge too. Salem’s Lot can’t come soon enough AND I just watched the rest of Insidious 2 on my lunch break so I am in the mood now for some scary reads.

  4. Oh Wicked is a fun one! Or at least interesting. Though I ADORE the musical. I was listening to Frozen today (alone…as one does) and thought I should turn on Wicked instead.

    I’m not officially signed up, but you know Salem’s Lot would count, too! 🙂

    1. Um…so I read until your pretty button and got too excited about Wicked to read the rest of your post. But then I did and totally saw that you mentioned Salem’s Lot. So. Maybe I should read blog posts more carefully before commenting.

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