Bad Feminist

Thoughts bfbyrg Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, Harper 2014, 320 pages

I often feel like a bad feminist. I’m not doing it right. My example is piss poor. I often feel unworthy to declare my feminist label.

Which is why this book is fabulous. No one can be the ultimate perfect feminist!

I know many Christians who certainly aren’t perfect and yet have no doubts to claim being Christian. It really is almost the second line of the ‘faith profession’ if you think about it. “I have sinned; forgive me.” and wa la! GRACE. And not to say this excuses bad behavior, I know. This post isn’t to defend my Christianity (and I am one), the point is that I should NOT be embarrassed to stand up and say,

“Yes, I’m a feminist.”

And I usually do, but…

I REALLY enjoyed Gay’s collection of essays on her life and her thoughts, her complications and her contradictions. Her courage to say these things loudly and proudly.

This book made me think about a lot of things. Maybe ALL of the things. I didn’t always agree but I appreciate the new viewpoints on the issues. I learned a few words, I learned much more about Scrabble than I knew I needed to know, I was introduced to many cool sounding books* that have made it to my tbr, and thus,



* Kate Zambreno’s Green Girl or Heroines, anyone?

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16 thoughts on “Bad Feminist

  1. I am not one of those bra waving feminists but I believe I am one. I am a bad one though because I see stuff and read stuff and sometimes due to lack of energy I do and say nothing. I need to follow her on Twitter.

    1. We can be as best as we can and it does take all kinds, I guess. Ya know, I was wondering if there were any comedic feminism and then I realized Amy Poehler’s YES PLEASE is exactly what I want more of.

  2. >>I know many Christians who certainly aren’t perfect and yet have no doubts to claim being Christian.

    Oo Care. This is such an awesome point. I am both a Christian and a feminist, and I will get really mad if other Christians don’t approve of my way of doing Christianity, but I collapse like a house of cards if other feminists don’t approve of my feminism. Hm. I am going to need to think about this.

    1. Wow. Huh. And I was wondering if I would get bashed for “THERE’s NO COMPARISON, YOU DOLT!”

      Thank you. I really just sat down and had these thoughts and only later wondered if I should examine with a more critical eye… Thank you! AND I think it might be because we grow up (ok, I did) with Christianity all around me and I became me through that, but I came to feminism later with me outside thinking, “yep, that makes sense.” Does that make sense?

  3. I used to preface things with “I’m not a feminist, but….” and then say a statement that was, of course, from a feminist point of view. Until one day my daughter in law asked me why I said that. We had a great discussion on what a feminist was or wasn’t. And I am! A bad one tho. hahaha. I think that statement comes from the 1970’s and growing up in a NON-feminist household.

  4. I loved this book so much for Gay’s statement that she is a bad feminist. So many women say they are not feminists, just because they aren’t doing protests or marches, or writing stuff about it, or talking to people about it. The true definition of the word (equality for men and women) seems to be missed by everyone.

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