New Books in the House and Speaking Up

New BOOKS in the house! and thoughts.

FullSizeRender-1 With Esther, the best dog. SHHHhhh, Oscar is ALSO the best dog…

All of these are library books. Usually, I am a ‘check-one-out-at-a-time’ kind of library patron. This time I splurged:

√  The Viking Portable Library of Dorothy Parker (I also listened to this for a double whammy reading experience)

The Orphans of Race Point by Patry Francis

(started)   Tenth of December by George Saunders (because the Salon recommended it)

Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen – YAY!!  for my library book club.

Skinny Bitch Cookbook – is this the one you all are trying and posting photos on Instagram?!?!

(not shown)The Aviator’s Wife.  I’m still plugging along on this.


I denounce violence and racism and symbols of such:  Put the Confederate flag in a museum. I also struggle with what seems like a call to legislate away evil. Laws will not make people be kind and respectful. Humans can suck. It’s all so scary and saddening and disheartening. But humans can be nice, too. Be brave, be kind, be courteous. Listen and learn.

Read Vasilly’s post and the links she includes for further reading. She has challenged me. My friend Debi also has questions and a mind to speak up.

For some reason, I receive the weekly Entertainment magazine and though it really isn’t keeping me knowledgeable about pop culture like it might, I did see a review of a book I had to add to my tbr:


I’m also reminded that I want to read more diverse books not only by diverse authors, not only fiction, but also nonfiction – historical and political. Suggestions are welcome. Sadly, the few books that I have on my tbr, I couldn’t find available at my library. I’m thinking I should buy them anyway, so that my purchasing power is distributed and highlights non-status quo channels. Here are a few:

wdcbymp (Memoir from Little Rock HS)  wtwwbycmm (Memoir from Birmingham Church Bombing)

May I suggest The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd for historical fiction recently read that features Denmark Vesey, a founder of Emanuel A.M.E.

My tears and admiration for the love and forgiveness demonstrated by the families of the nine dead in Charleston.


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11 thoughts on “New Books in the House and Speaking Up

  1. My daughter is reading Tenth of December. I think Teresa at Shelf Love recommended it to me. Perhaps I’ll steal it from her and read a couple so I know what you’re talking about when you write about it.

  2. I just read Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County and it’s rather fascinating. I agree that the Confederate Flag needs to come down but that’s just a very small start in a very long journey we need to take.

  3. Great post, Care. I’ve struggled so much with how to talk openly about these issues. I have a deep insecurity about “doing it wrong,” but that doesn’t mean we should shy away. I loved Vasilly’s post, and I’ve been reading a lot on Joy Weese Moll’s blog as well. Love this.

  4. The cookbook I’ve been instagramming and tweeting about lately is Skinnytaste… but my daughter has that Skinny Bitch Cookbook, too. She has made at least a couple recipes from it that we liked.

  5. Oh Care. I struggled and struggled and struggled about what to say when trying to write my post this morning. It made me smile to see you state it all so succinctly and powerfully with “I denounce violence and racism and symbols of such.” Vasilly’s post moved and challenged me as well–some things we just can’t keep quiet about.

  6. What happened in Charleston is so terrible. It upset me more how long it took the news to reach me. I don’t follow the news much so when a shooting happens, Facebook and Twitter explodes and that’s how I know about these incidents. But the Charleston one didn’t explode anything until much later. It just makes me so angry!

    Enjoy your books! I do the one-book-at-a-time-checkout thing too but occasionally splurge as well. Of course, they end up going back unread.

  7. I just finished Prince Edward County last week and enjoyed it more than I expected to. I thought it wouldn’t dig deep enough into the history (because it is part memoir), but overall I thought the author did a good job balancing her research with her own personal history and looking at how the past impacts the present. I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot.

  8. Everything in Charleston has been so tragic. Every new thing I hear breaks my heart all over again. It’s so much the highs and lows of what humans can be, and I wish we could be less of the terrible stuff and more of the good.

  9. I really enjoyed and admired Vasilly’s post, too. The whole Charleston thing is so tragic and I think it’s high time for the Confederate flag to be retired to museums where it belongs. On matters of race, sometimes it feels so much like one step forward, two steps back.

  10. You’re right. Humans can definitely suck and we sometimes have this obsession with violence as if it’s the answer for every problem in the world.

  11. The loss of life in such a violent way in Charleston breaks my heart. I mourn for those families who have to find a way to go on. I notice on the news that so many are trying to come up with the why of this happening but I think people choose to be good and kind or evil. You have that choice. I just wish people could live in peace and accept and love each other. Our world would be a much better place.

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