I Answer the Question: “What Books Will You Be Reading This Summer?”

I thought I would post something and so I now ponder this question — I see that many of my blogger friends have been busy making lists and posting what books are on their summer reading agenda.

Here goes – off the top of my head:

1. The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith – I just yesterday started this audiobook. It counts right?

2. possibly The Aviator’s Wife – I started it for bookclub but didn’t finish in time.

3. Whatever my book my club just selected at the meeting I missed yesterday. (  _To be filled in__)

4. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

5. Atlas Shrugged – maybe. I admit I’m intimidated by the length. Ti is hosting a readalong for July and August.

6. That Mindset book by Carol Dweck.


OH NO! I don’t know what else! I had such a long list going through to Misery and now I’m feeling a bit lost.


7. Maybe I need some nonfiction…  Let’s add Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay.


8. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

9. Heft by Liz Moore is an audiobook I just purchased on the get 2 for 1 credit deal.


10. The Orphans of Race Point because I’m hoping to win it from Laurie! and will read it if I don’t…


Of course, it is extremely likely I won’t read this list and will choose something else entirely. I’m funny like that.

What about you? What are you excited to read in the next few months?




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29 thoughts on “I Answer the Question: “What Books Will You Be Reading This Summer?”

  1. I’m excited to hear how you like Station Eleven! I’m reading a pile of books Eleanor brought back, by authors associated with the Iowa Writer’s Workshop.

    1. Wow! Looks like I really need to get to Station Eleven! And I just got notice that Orphans of Race Point is in at the library…
      Hey I’ve been thinking about you – guess I should write a letter. 😉

  2. Station Eleven was quite good. Looking forward to Atlas Shrugged. I know people have mixed feelings about the author but I love a good chunkster that’s a little controversial and can suck you in quickly and I think it’s that. I think. I hope.

    1. I know, I know! It’s just timing. Big books in July might be a big problem… I should perhaps find out if I can do an ebook borrow rather than audio. Hmmmmm (me thinking)

    1. I have gotten over my fear of chunksters but it’s that I’m traveling a lot and will have people around which makes reading tough…

  3. I love making lists but don’t cry if I don’t stick to them (which I rarely do). I was tempted to do Atlas Shrugged when Ti first mentioned it, but just don’t know if I can go there! SO LONG. 🙂

    Happy summer!!! Got your letter yesterday and it made me smile very big. You are the best.

  4. I think it might be time for a reread of The Talented Mr. Ripley. And I’m doing the #AtlasRAL … although I still haven’t finished Misery so I probably shouldn’t be talking about readalongs at all.

    1. What ARE you in the mood for? Orphans of Race Point? Sounds like something you would like. I should also move Mansfield Park up (on) the list. I should do that in audio… Sigh. I’m suddenly getting that stress of TOO MANY BOOKS!

    1. Hi Sheila!! So good to see you. Hmmm – did I put any light books on my list here? I could use a light read, probably. The Aviator’s Wife isn’t it, I don’t think.

    1. Really? Do you think I will like it? Did you notice that I mentioned you but didn’t link to you in a post ‘while back on Flowers for Algernon? Did you ever read that? Am I asking too many questions?

  5. I really liked Station Eleven, but don’t let the hype get in your way. The Talented Mr. Ripleyis really good too. It’s wonderfully creepy.

    1. Oh, I already know I want to read Station Eleven. I’ve been moving it NEAR the top of my list since the Tournament of Books and it just keeps hitting second place. But I think I will be intrigued.

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