Misery Readalong Update #MiseryRAL June 8


Thank you Jenni for creating a button for our month long reading of Misery by Stephen King!

We’ve found some unique words and often-used words:  obdurate, oogiest, cockadoodie, dirty bird, goodness! blah-de-blah-de-blah.

We’ve highlighted some differences between the book and the movie – I have NEVER seen the movie though I *do* know who stars in it. [I found an online essay that highlighted differences between The Shining book and movie and it reminded me that I’ve never seen that one either! See how far I’ve come from being a total NON-King appreciator to moving him to the top spot of Most-Books-by-a-Single-Author-Read category?]


What else?  MUSIC!  Has everyone enjoyed the playlist so far?  I’m not done. There are SO many choices for this. And I have a few other interesting things to do yet, so I hope you’re not done with the text and are bored… You’re having fun, yes?  Not scared, right?!

It’s June 8 which puts us approximately a quarter the way through the month; this puts us at page 80 or so if you are being ‘paceful’. Thus, my selection of King of the Road by Roger Miller:  “No phone, no pool, no pets . . . I ain’t got not cigarettes . . pg. 81

The Second Part begins on page 90 in my edition. So I’ll finish here with the quote that starts that section:

Writing does not cause misery, it is born of misery.   -Montaigne


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25 thoughts on “Misery Readalong Update #MiseryRAL June 8

  1. Yay for Misery!! I’m having a blast reading it. I am even enjoying reading it slowly to stay on pace with everyone else. I could have torn through it this weekend, so that’s how much I love you all!

    1. oh, IKR REALLY applies here. RIGHT?! I am so proud of myself for just reading a little bit, then maybe a few more pages, but still <20.

    1. Just been tweeting a few songs or quotes each day… Youtube referrals mostly. Just cruise thru my tweets – most have the #miseryRAL tag.

  2. King of the Road was in the songbook when I was trying to learn to play the guitar way back when. I keep thinking about Stephen King’s being in so much pain after he was hit by a car, but that came so much later. I wonder what his pain experience was before writing Misery; it seems very realistic!

    1. I have a strong sense of nostalgia – but unspecific – when I hear King of the Road. Just reminds me of vague ‘old times’…

      I am really enjoying – as Jenni mentions, the how to’s of writing a novel that Paul is sharing.

  3. The audio is great and I had to stop listening because I would have just finished it. I think I’m going to go back to it now though. I love saying dirty bird now. It comes across as so funny on tne audio.

    I’ve noticed changes in a lot of King’s books when they’re made into movies or mini series. The Shining, Under the Dome… The list goes on. Some pretty major differences too. Either way I still love them – books and movies!

    The read-a-long is fun. I haven’t been on Twitter for a few days. Horrible summer cold but I’m starting to feel better now. Back to listening!

    1. Ha – I should listen to the sample just for a taste of the audio! The dirty bird reference actually makes me cringe and only highlights how nuts Annie is.
      Hope your cold gets better. We have other participants dealing with health setbacks – colds and such; wonder if it is the stress of this readalong?!

  4. I have been a very bad girl and have read way ahead. But I’m so shook right now that I’ll set it aside for a bit and let you all catch up because I need to talk about this shit!

    1. I read more last night than I should have. I’m going to put it away for today. (I’m in the middle of his second attempt to start Misery Return.)

  5. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in the King universe. I went from anti-King to having read a dozen of his books in about 2 years. You all are a bad influence.

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