The Boston Girl

The Boston Girl tbgbyad by Anita Diamant, Scribner 2014, 320 pages

I purchased this from an independent bookseller in Newport RI. I promptly went back to the boat and devoured this. I then passed it on to a friend who I’m sure will only think it ‘meh’. But I could be wrong. We never like the same books…

I would rate it 3.5 stars but am boosting or rounding up to 4 because there are some awesome pie mentions!

What’s it ABOUT: A Jewish woman, Addie Baum, reminisces her childhood and life beyond in a retelling to her granddaughter. It has sad and scary moments and a few laughs;  overall she has found Love and has lived a wonderful life.

I’m not really sure it has much plot. (Which is why I think my friend won’t like it.)

It is warm and uplifting and reminds me to cherish my friendships.






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14 thoughts on “The Boston Girl

  1. No plot? We are reading this for book club later this year. Should be interesting. Didn’t this author write The Red Tent. I wasn’t in love with that one but it was was plenty to discuss.

    1. Not really much plot, more like a fictionalized memoir. But it is well written and interesting and the character is very likable. Should have lots to discuss though the book doesn’t provide too much historical background, really. More like women’s lives stuff and importance of friendships.

    1. It was a book that I enjoyed and had to ‘keep reading!’ but I agree, I finished it and thought, ‘was that it?’ Still GOOD, just not quite GREAT. I would have given it a 3 star but the awesome pie references were too yummy not to credit!

        1. Hahahaha!! And this is why I love you! Although I’m beginning to think you have the wrong blog name. It needs to be pie-related.

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