Announcing Flowers for Algernon Read

“April showers bring May flowers!”  IMG_1561 (from my neighborhood)

And so I cannot think of anything more appropriate than to take the last day of April to announce a May reading of a book with flowers in the title.

Athira of Reading on a Rainy Day and I are going to read Flowers for Algernon in May. VERY informally, right Aths? She’s busy with exciting new life-changing events in the near future and I am about to start substitute teaching in a school district with 128 schools. May 1 – bring it on. Don’t worry, I’m easing into it with a half day at the nearest high school so I’m not quite sick to my stomach with butterfly nerves. Yet.

This came in the mail today from bookmooch: ffabydk (and did you know that the movie Charly is based on the book? I don’t even know about a movie called Charly – I am THAT clueless. I thought/think this book is SciFi? Yea, I so hate even reading the blurb*.)

I will bring my copy of Flowers to school with me, just in case it is a “students are to be quiet and work independently” kind of day. I’m thinking it is a tech class; I’m hoping it is a tech class. But it seems all the teachers get the same code so I admit I’m a bit confused. I won’t have anyone to ask until I get there. Subbing is NOT for the timid. They seriously throw you to the wolves and say, “Good luck; you’ll figure it out.”


I have this on my Classics Club 50 list so that is why I want to read this. I keep getting it confused with a book/movie with Andie MacDowell called Harrison’s Flowers. Yep, I am as clueless as can be!

Read along if you want! We’ll probably be tweeting about it maybe and haven’t discussed a plan for blog posts or a hashtag. Anyone want to suggest?


* Which reminds me of the time I told someone I was just starting a book called Where the Red Fern Grows and the very next words out of this person’s mouth,Oh I cried so hard when the dog died!”  I didn’t even KNOW the book was about a dog. Grrrrrrrr.


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24 thoughts on “Announcing Flowers for Algernon Read

  1. Oh yeah, totally informal reading! Totally. At first glance, the book didn’t seem one to rush through, but then that was a complete glance without reading any words. I’ll be ready to start this weekend! As for discussion posts, I don’t know .. I don’t want to make it a lot of work, so we could tweet/email/whatever is easy for quick thoughts and if we are having some major discussion point, we could post about it.

    I like having a midway discussion post – for when you reach the halfway point in the book and what you think about it so far and maybe a paragraph of what we think will happen in the remaining half, just for the fun of predicting stuff. But anything works for me really.

    1. OK, when you get near half and I get near half, let’s check in for a post of some sort. How’s that? Or we can just do the May 15 Friday as a check in? Whatever… 😀

      1. Yeah, sounds good to me – when we get near halfpoint of the book, we can do some kind of random post about what we think about the book. We can even decide then if we want to do that at all or do something else. 🙂

  2. Your neighborhood looks lovely! Have fun with your read along! I loved that book when I had to read it in middle school. Not nearly so much love when I reread it last year.

  3. I enjoyed this in junior high (or was it early high school?) and would like to reread it one day. Have often toyed with a “Rereading High School” project, but May probably won’t work for me… I really want to read/listen to Far From the Madding Crowd before I see the movie!

    1. I have NO CLUE when I heard about this but it has only been since book blogging. I know nothing!

      YES – you must see the movie FFrMC but I do hope you love the audio!

  4. I’ve never read that book and when I saw the title I thought it was part of the Flowers in the Attic series. Goodness!! That would be something.

    Subbing, huh? Hope that goes well. My daughter never likes any of her subs. She says they are all grouchy. So, don’t be grouchy 😉

    1. HA! I’m always ALWAYS accused of being too smiley! which translates to PUSHOVER but I try, try, try to relate. It’s tough to be a sub.

  5. Hahaha, to be fair, once you DID learn Where the Red Fern Grows was about a dog, you had to assume the dog was going to die. That’s just how dog books go!

    Have fun with the Flowers for Algernon reread! I had to read it for sixth (?) grade, and it just blew my mind. I wonder if I’d have the same reaction to reading it as an adult.

    1. Yes, very true – re: dog stories… Old Yeller anyone?

      and see?! I had no idea Flowers for Algernon was MS. Just like finding out about The Giver.

  6. Good luck for your teaching! I have every faith in you – you’ll be fantastic. And I’ve heard only good things about this book, so I hope you love it. I haven’t read it myself (story of my life!) but I’d like to get around to it one day….

  7. I loved this book when I read it in middle school and would love to reread it someday to see if it holds up to a reread but May is socked full of commitments. How did that first day of teaching go?!

    1. And we just found out that there are TWO versions of the book and I am struggling with wanting to read both. ugh.

      First day of subbing went just fine. I didn’t get torn apart and only slightly disrespected. Actually got a lot of thank yous and polite responses to questions so overall, quite pleased. Everything would go so well if we all respected each other and used our manners.

  8. Substituting for 128 schools?!?! That sounds like something out of nightmare. Then again, it also sounds varied and interesting and exciting and challenging…

    1. No, just subbing in a school district that has 128 schools! I get to pick and choose the schools that can notify their absences so it isn’t quite as intimidating or overwhelming.

    1. The hubsband actually said, “who cares abt New England leaf-peeping trips, why not come to NC and see all the flowers in spring!”

  9. I read this one in school and all I remember is I enjoyed it. So no spoilers from me! I would love to join in on the readalong but I’m too busy failing at the other three readalongs I signed up for last month so it’s probably not a good idea …

    1. I know it was through blogging that I heard about this one so only recently, I guess. I’ve already seen some spoilers that I didn’t mean to see but that’s OK, it piques the interest sometimes.

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