Winesburg, Ohio

Thoughts wohbysa Winesburg Ohio by Sherwood Anderson, Compass Books – Viking Press 1958/1960/1967 15th ed (orig 1919), 247 pages, tradeback


These stories are deep. They are of the bare but insightful style of character studies that just might bore one to tears until someone explains it all. But since no one is here to explain it to me (I should take that back –> there is an Introduction I have yet to be bothered to read) and I would much rather read something else, I’m going to put this back on my shelf and maybe read more on another day. I made it more than half way.

Thankfully, the stories are short. But it’s not enough.

I hope I can still count this for my Classics Club 50?




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21 thoughts on “Winesburg, Ohio

  1. Doesn’t sound too appealing. But as you said, sometimes putting it back on a shelf is not a bad thing. You might enjoy it more if read on another day.

    I am reading a really good book right now. One that was pitched to me by the author and I NEVER, like 99% never respond to those inquiries but this one grabbed me and now I am happily devouring it. I started it yesterday and I am almost done with it. Blue Sun, Yellow Sky. It’s about an artist who is losing her vision and decides to take a trip to see the world one last time. Oddly enough, I read this with my eye issue so I think I can appreciate it more.

    1. That’s wonderful! I rarely accept pitches, too and when I do? I forget. I probably should pull and finally read that book I accepted about a year ago. Hope I love it!

  2. litandlife

    Was it Anderson that Hemingway so hated? Or, rather, one of the writers that Hemingway so hated? And here I thought that meant it was worth giving him a try!

    1. Um, yea, there is something about how he was a strong influence on the almost quickly ‘next’ gen of writers – he does have some of the ‘brevity’ in his work that might be considered influence – AND that they also didn’t like him??? but don’t quote me.

  3. I had the same reaction. The first few stories didn’t do much for me, so I back on the shelf it went. It’s still there… unless I donated it to the library book sale.

    FWIW – I DNF’d If On a Winters Night A Traveller, but felt I read enough to include it on my completed Classics Club list. Don’t think anyone will care 😉

    1. I ‘get’ it, I do, but. I kept NOT wanting to read this and it is so short that I thought I ‘should’ read it but it was just sitting there being a roadblock to what I REALLY want to read!

    1. I actually put it back in my pocketbook because Good Lord Bird is a huge hardcover and I need to make sure I’m not without a book. The size is perfect for incidental, “well if I have nothing else to read” time.

  4. I had to read this for one of my English lit classes and you know, I don’t remember anything about it – except that I always thought it was supposed to be funny! But now, reading your post, I think I must be mixing it up with another book of short stories about a small town. Probably Stephen Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, which I also had to read, but for a different lit class (the Canadian lit one). I didn’t get a lot out of most of my lit classes, now that I think about it …

    1. It has promising elements but it takes work and I’m not in the mood to be a lit critic at the moment. I need some story right now. Will still probably read it eventually, and in doses. THEN I would love to meet with you and discuss. 😀

  5. Well, you most definitely saved me from ever having the urge to buy this one. Or even check it out from the library. I can just tell this is not a book for me. And that’s as good a thing to know as when a book is for you, don’t you think?

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