Far From the Madding Crowd

Thoughts fftmcbok Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy, Orig 1874.

Naxos Audiobook 2014 Narration by Jamie Parker, Unabridged fftmcbytha 14 Hours, 52 Minutes

Classics Challenge – 19th Century backtotheclassics2015BUTTON

First, if you like books to movies, especially classics and you haven’t yet viewed the trailer, “it is my intention to astonish you all.”  (And watch the other ones, too.)

(go watch it, SO GOOD!!!)

Second, for a fabulous review by Roofbeam Reader, you can click here and also find the explanation for the title of the book. Edited to add a Second-and-a-half, read Stephanie’s review for a bit more of a feminist perspective and thorough analysis that is fun to read. (She points to another review (Danielle’s) that you can access here that gives even more textual dimension to what is Bathsheba and her adventures.)

Third, a warning. I will be spoilering from here on. If you only want to know what it is about, you can click above on the book cover to get to goodreads and/or the review links.

I rated this five slices of pie. Gooseberry Pie. Which I need to make for my favorite auntie so if anyone has any access to gooseberries, please let me know.

Really, do not read further; I recommend the following only for those who have read and know the story (by which I mean Holly). I warned you!

read more…


“Souls alive, what news! It makes my heart go quite bumpity-bump!”

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10 thoughts on “Far From the Madding Crowd

    1. Whew, I feel like Mindy Kaling – YOU CAN SEE THIS POST? Thank you. I’m sure you’ll love the movie! Did you watch all the trailers? Are you excited? or are you only so-so?

  1. Not that this has been on my list (because, you know, it’s from the fusty 1800s … and isn’t a play (forgot to add in my last comment, I do like classic plays)) but since you gave it five slices of pie, I’m thinking maybe I should think about possibly adding it to my to-read list maybe someday. (As you can see, I’m leaning slightly toward the fence now, as opposed to being rigidly on one side of it).

    1. Well, since it’s going to be a movie, maybe someday it WILL be a play? They’ve done that, right? Those THEY people? (And it IS just easier to add to the tbr than try and decide why it shouldn’t be on the tbr…)

  2. Okay, I skipped your spoilers, but I’m excited you loved this one! I haven’t read it yet, but Hardy oh my gosh. I’m in the middle of Tess right now and have read a few of his others. He gets me every time. Always so sad, but so beautifully written.

  3. jilllora

    I have internets again! So I vaguely knew this was going to be a movie. But I didn’t realize it was Hardy. I don’t think I’ve read a Hardy. Not sure I want to, despite the 5 slices of pie. I have an entire shelf of other classics giving me the evil eye. They might smother me in my sleep if I read this one instead.

  4. Ha! I love how you deliberately hid the spoilers. Because my eyes were wandering until the very moment it cut off. This one wasn’t of interest to me AT ALL until you mentioned it and then I realized the movie was coming out. I really loved Tess…even though it was hard work…and this sounds just as good. Plus…mmmm 5 slices of pie.

    Maybe we need to squeeze in a classic read for our next readalong. Or after Misery. Somewhere. I need more classics in my life and think I do better wih a group.

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