Recap Day


I chose to photo-capture my Tuesday through Wednesday (24 hours) of this week.

It was noon when TriniCapini reminded us to do this, so I immediately shot this: IMG_1352 I was multi-tasking at that moment:  Bookmooch searching for Classics (getting Winesburg OH and Cry the Beloved Country), writing letters, tracking my to dos.

I was still doing that an hour later, but then remembered that I had goodies still in the car:  IMG_1353 a quilt for our bed IMG_1357 which I then spent time finding and putting pillows in the shams and then filled some trays to help organize my makeup drawers, and…

IMG_1359 then I wrote a few more letters. Somewhere in that hour, I also folded laundry, took a flower from a bigger vase to this vase (bought at At Home IMG_1358 – the flower was from a modeling gig I had last week…), retrieved a package from the front stoop delivered by UPS, and made more coffee.

I checked on the bank accounts, wrote an email back to my cousin, updated my doggie-daycare-tracking-book: IMG_1364 because BowWowDogCamp  sent me an email reminder, added and crossed off more things from the to do list, and started this post.

And now it’s after 3pm. I’m avoiding the one true MUST do of the day. Might as well get to it.

But NOOOooooooo! By 3:30, I had double-checked Trini’s post to steal the button and link it up and then saw Jilllora’s comment which reminded me that I needed to double-check her blog and then found her #gangstercats post which made me open Twitter to see if anyone had #gangstercat-hashtagged lately and now I’m updating her. No photo.

Then I checked in on The Morning News Tournament of Books and sent an email to our book club book suggestion solicitor of a bunch of books from my tbr.

4pm – at the PC looking over my application for NC Educator Licensure.

5pm – looking at job sites. Finding something very interesting, double check resume, start prepping cover letter.

5:30 – leave to pick up the dogs: IMG_1367 IMG_1368

Then get gas IMG_1370, then feed the dogs IMG_1372, then put on a fun front license plate IMG_1373.

Then add to this post.

NOW, it is 6:30 pm and I’m about to get back to the job application. (but first, let’s check Facebook (nothing), Twitter (nothing), goodreads (nothing), my blog (nothing), Instagram (nothing since I looked while pumping gas, etc…), email (crap! tax paperwork complete: we owe Feds, Mass AND North Carolina.)

Guess I should get that job app filed so I can pay my taxes, so I begin the cover letter.

7:15 pm – Prep dinner (I’ll start and husband will complete), eat dinner, watch TV, chat about stuff.

9 pm – I am gathering materials for our craft group day: IMG_1378 paper, markers, quote books, etc.

10 pm – Taking the pups out before bedtime: IMG_1377


(sleep… ZZZzzzzzzzzzz)


5:45 am – Up to let out the dogs and prepare their breakfast, go back to bed – the dogs take their first nap of the day and I check all the Social Medias and watch the news/weather channel/Mike&Mike in the Morning.

7 am – Make a smoothie for breakfast: IMG_1387 and prep a few packages to mail (the official paperwork to be licensed in NC to teach is now ON its way.)

8 am – Leave for the post office, the bank, the chiro, and the craft group IMG_1390: IMG_1391 We made encouragement cards for the Girls Love Mail organization.


For more DAY IN THE LIFEs, Check out Trish’s blog for more.






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40 thoughts on “Recap Day

  1. Loved this – the pictures told the story. Good luck on the job. Cute pups! Cute quilt! Pretty flower! I’m having fun seeing how so many interpreted Trish’s request. Have a good weekend!

  2. Yeah, you do sound pretty organized. Good luck on the job prospect. I do hope you got the application in. Every time I allow myself a few minutes to check twitter or FB I get sucked in for a good 20 min at a time. I try to avoid it early in the morning for that reason.

  3. Using photos to capture your day is a great idea! I love how you started in the middle of the day. 🙂 It’s crazy how much time we can get sucked into on social media, isn’t it? Some days I tell myself I will only check Twitter for a minute so I can get back to my book and the next thing I know, it’s too late to read.

    The cards are beautiful! I have this idea in my head that my daughter and I will make cards, but I just need to actually follow through . . .

    It was fun reading about your day!

  4. Wow! That’s a pretty full day! Where are you going to fit the full-time job into that, and why would you want to? 😉 But seriously, good luck with the job search!

  5. florinda3rs

    I love how well you documented your day with photos, and your descriptions of being frequently diverted by the Internet made me laugh in recognition. My dog goes to daycare one day a week now–it’s his Friday play date, and he comes home SO tired!

    1. jilllora

      Yes, do tell!! And I love that you started in the middle of the day. I can never seem to think outside the box like that. 😀

      1. The Newcomers Club had a luncheon and needed models to show off the items from the Junior League Store and I got volunteered. Other than the mayor coming and giving a quick speech (which I missed because I was in the changing room) we were the HIT of the show! It was fun. Part of my “say yes to opportunities” plan for my life. (yea right)

    1. We figured it would happen with the move and all but we are never sure on how much. Best to you on getting ’em done – tis that time of year.

  6. Erin (Erin Reads)

    Writing letters! Snail mail is the best. Also, BookMooch. I keep meaning to look into that. Can you list galleys, do you know?

    It’s so easy to get sidetracked, isn’t it? Especially with verbs as awesome as “to #gangstercat-hashtag” to tempt us away from what we are supposed to be doing.

    Finally, I am jealous of your craft group. What a fun idea. I want one!

    1. I have no idea about galleys… The craft group sometimes just gets together and spends a couple of hours doing whatever craft you bring. We had knitters and card-makers and scrap-bookers. Always fun to go somewhere else and make the mess, too. It forces you to clean it up and not having it sit on the dining room table forever.

  7. joyweesemoll

    Many of our dinners, too, are prepped by me, cooked by my husband. It makes us both feel like shared responsibility and shared fun.

    What beautiful cards!

    Thanks for sharing your day — I enjoyed reading about it.

    1. I enjoy being sous chef – and he appreciates all the chop-chop work done. I swear, even if I were to volunteer to cook dinner, he ends up taking over because he is faster and I think it drives him nuts, so I let him take over! I also clean up (of course.)

  8. I loved this! A modeling gig? You, my dear, are nothing but surprises.

    That totally sucks on the tax thing. I seem to remember having to do the same thing when we moved from Ohio to Wisconsin.

    Good luck on your job search! It sounds like you have it well in hand!

    1. well, it wasn’t a paid modeling gig, or anything. But I wondered who might pick up on that sentence.

      We knew we would be owing but… oh well. We aren’t the types to say “YAY REFUND!”

  9. That is certainly a very eventful day! Love the pictures – they do tell the story well. We just finished our taxes today after procrastinating forever – aren’t they the most annoying thing ever?

    1. Yea, it is a burnt orange with a tan stripe that pops more gold in the pics. very intricate quilting detail and all for $40, so yea, cheap. whatever. Dogs will ruin it soon enough. Thanks

  10. You’re in a craft group?? FUN! And I love the design on the quilt. Love that you check all social media before THAT task (I would, too). Need to get my Pet Sematary post written, too. And modeling gig??? Need to know more. 😉

  11. Ha ha, this reminds me so much of how my day always goes. I start out doing one thing, and then I see this thing and this thing and this thing and suddenly it’s 2 PM in the afternoon my day is almost over. Love seeing your day in the life!

  12. For a second I thought those grapes going into your smoothie were olives and my awe of your skills in the kitchen almost vanished entirely because that would have meant you are certifiably crazy!

  13. Mike and Mike huh? One of the Mike’s is from Cleveland and when one of their books (Last?) one came out they did a signing here together. The line was two levels and out the door. I waited because it was a gift for my dad (his name is Mike and he loves those guys!),
    Good luck on the job!

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