Dept. of Speculation

Thoughts dosbyjo Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill, Knopf 2014, 182 pages

I liked it. A lot. Seriously, lots and lots. Five slices of apple pie.

I saw a recipe on Pinterest for an apple pie with lemon crust. Such a pie would be perfect for this book.

Here’s the pin. And here’s the book blub from goodreads about this book.


Here’s a link to the latest Tournament of Books by The Morning News about this book which I’m so thrilled THRILLED!!! to have read while the tourney is still on, even if it got booted. I also read All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Here’s a pin to a healthy muffin recipe I want to cook today. Maybe.


Jeanne’s Review of Dept. of Speculation

Stephanie’s Review of Dept. of Speculation

Let me know if the pinterest links don’t work. Not sure without signing out and I don’t want to do that because I can never remember my password. But if it doesn’t, I promise to help you get the info you need.

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16 thoughts on “Dept. of Speculation

  1. I liked this one too, although the part about bedbugs made me squirm. I read it in small bits, one or two each night, over a Christmas vacation about a year ago.

  2. I have to get to this book. I actually came across this one at a bookstore recently and saw that it was on a deal, but I didn’t get it then. Later, I read a review about it that made me wish I had bought it, and now yours.

  3. My mother was just asking about this book, and I didn’t have a good answer for her because I still haven’t read it. Important question: How easily do they get rid of the bedbugs, if they have bedbugs? Cause I am very, very frightened of bedbugs, and my mother is even frighteneder, so I don’t want to give us cause to become more paranoid than we already are.

    1. This is a tough question because the writing style this is sparse and distant which of course, gives it the emotional punch by your added imagination. NOTHING is over explained if explained at all.
      Just GO FOR IT. It’s a short book so it really is a quick powerful read.

  4. litandlife

    For some reason, this is one that I would never have picked up without all of the great reviews. Now I just need to remember it when I’m looking at books to buy. Not that I buy books, because, you know, that would be wrong when a person already has so many books (can you tell the hubby is sitting next to me?).

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