Twelve Blog Post Ideas in a Trove

Ms. Bookish has challenged us to create a list of blog post ideas for those times when the well might be dry. Personally, I don’t have this problem very often, if ever. I always feel free to open a blank post template and start typing just to see what happens. Random is my friend.

But, since she is offering PRIZES! I thought I would try to generate a bunch of ideas, for “just in case”.

Here’s her EXPLAIN the TREASURE TROVE Challenge post.

1) A post to explain how unhappy I am about WordPress changing their ADD-NEW-POST style. Grrrrrrr.

2) The Tournament of Books hosted by The Morning News.

3) Most recent pie thoughts/activities.

4) Any book connections – those times when one book reminds you or is linked in some way to a book you’ve read previously or one you hope to read someday.

5) A vocabulary post – words recently discovered or tripped over that needed defining.

6) Try (search for) that blog post generator idea!  How fun.

7) Create a list of books that I think everyone should read.

8) Summary recap of challenge progress.

9) Summary recap of monthly/quarterly/whatever time period for books read, etc.

10) Explore the meme and weekly post ideas that others do:  Top Ten Tuesday, Sunday Whatever It Is, Monday What Are you Reading, etc.

11) Re-present a post from the past that I am proud of and/or revisit a book and my review to see if I still remember the book.

12) DO a link-love link up post – which in my case would probably be a highlight of other bloggers who do this well.

OK – that took my less than 10 minutes!  Feel free to borrow if any inspire you.

Oh, Belle also asks about thoughts on the generation process. Well, for me, similar to how I write posts, I just open up a blank post and let the fingers start typing up the words. I edit as I go. I don’t track my ideas. I do sometimes create draft posts of ideas and often of book reviews while reading the book – I get it all set up so that when I’m ready, all I have to do is write my impressions and not do the ‘add book cover’/tags, etc.

Have a great day! – hopefully I will soon be posting reviews of Even If the Sky Falls Down and Dept. of Speculation.

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24 thoughts on “Twelve Blog Post Ideas in a Trove

  1. I like your way of blogging. Pretty much my way too. I pretty much just blog if I have something I feel like blogging about–otherwise, I just don’t blog. Works for me. Anyway, even though you don’t really need this list, I’d sure love to see you write some of these posts–I’m thinking especially #7. Would love to see what books you think everyone should read!

  2. I’m all about random, and like you, I edit as I go. The only time I will preplan posts are for the Monday What Are You Reading? posts and my Sunday reflections posts. Those are the two I tend to draft and keep updating throughout the week. Otherwise, it depends on my mood and whether I feel the need to share something or not!

  3. A word about the new Add a Post template for WP:

    If you select WP Admin and then ADD a post… you get the old template.
    If you select Add from the main screen you get the new template.

  4. So very jealous of your ability to tackle a blank post template! I have so much trouble with it.

    Also, thanks very much for the reminder to go check out the ToB match today. 🙂

  5. Yes, current pie thoughts, please. 🙂
    And did you catch the blip in Pet Sematary about Salem’s Lot? I think we should read that one next. 😀

    1. I know I had a discussion about Misery before I got hoodwinked into Pet Sematary. I just don’t remember who it was that also wanted to read it…

  6. Great list! It looks like you might be the prize winner. No one else has shared a list. I might, but not in time. Like you, a lot of my blogging is opening a new post and rambling.
    (I participate in 3 meme days, and try to post 2 or3 reviews a week, so I don’t usually need a list of ideas.

    1. Make sure whenever you think of a book reminds you of something else, WRITE IT DOWN, cuz you’ll probably forget when you want to try and remember. Or maybe it is only me.

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