Pet Sematary

When I typed the title above, my hope is it will be the last time I ever do so after this:

Thoughts psbysk Pet Sematary by Stephen King, 1983, 562 pages


I am thoroughly of the opinion that if you read further it is because

1. You’ve already read this so therefore anything I could and will say will not surprise nor disturb, and/or

2. You are likely NOT to read this EVEH, having no interest whatsoever in reading any scary King-shit (no offense to Uncle Stevie), and hate horror reading due to nightmare-inducing, shiver-provoking, anti-sympathies to silly scary freaky things.

You’ve been warned.

I had problems with this and yet still rated it four slices of pie.

Four slices of the very best juiciest plumpest sweetest blueberries ever encountered in a pie. With THE BEST vanilla ice cream. No whipped cream here. Home churned true vanillla, the ice cream that makes your teeth hurt cuz it is so cold.

Here are my problems.

Please forgive me if I just failed…  failed to find the answers to these because I missed them in the text. Oh well.

WHAT the heck happened to the family who lived in the house before the Creeds????????!?!??!??!?!

Why the heck did kids maintain the path to the Pet Sematary – the FAKE one? who cares, WHY.  WHY!?!?!?!

WHO did not protest any kids on their property maintaining said path?  WHA?

What was wrong with these people of Ludlow that they would humor kids to bury their pets on someone else’s property?

What the fuck WAS that Wendigo and why did he walk over Louis on his way to bury Gage?

How did Ellie react to her “NEW” parents? How did that go over? somebody tell me that, cuz it is seriously bothering me.

If I have any scary dreams from this book it is of Zelda.

Please don’t anyone tell Joann that her adorable dog is named after one of the creepiest characters in a King novel ever.

Jill’s linking the Wendigo to Johnny Depp has ruined my love for him. His birthday is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day and now I don’t know – I’m hoping I can totally forget this stupid link – I dunno. Might be ruined. Very very sad. I love Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Sniff.

I am placing this between Carrie and The Stand on my LIST OF KING.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t play with death. Death won’t play nice.

One more thing: HUH?! Did Steve Masterson never go to work again? Did Louis Creed not go to work again? Did they drive to Chicago and freak out poor Ellie?  and then what? DISNEY WORLD?  Seriously.

(Actually, I had been wondering how this book would end having guessed most of the horror and I like how Uncle Stevie did this. But SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!)





Well.  Misery in June, anyone?


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12 thoughts on “Pet Sematary

  1. LOL! I have to write my review tomorrow. So many questions but such an excellent freaky, scary, intense book. I am definitely in for Misery in June! I love my King readalongs!!

  2. I laughed when you “F” bombed… I love it when books bring our emotion! I am not sure if I ever read this but I have seen the movie. My rule is that if it is a popular title and it is over 10 years old, spoilers are fair game 🙂
    Misery up next huh? That’s creep-tastic.

    1. I saw your comment and went pale, “I did WHAT?!” I had forgotten. But hoping that only my #gangstercat pals were actually reading this…

  3. I love your summing up of the moral of the story! I have an urge to make a cross-stitch picture with it on it or something. For real.
    While I can’t see a pet cemetery being maintained by the town kids on someone else’s property today, I could totally see it back in small town America back in the 70s and before. In fact, there was this patch of woods (back then it seemed huge, but I’m guessing it was maybe only an acre. All the town kids played there–we had sort of mini town of forts built. As kids would get to that age they’d come and build their own little fort or take over one that someone abandoned. It was totally private property but the owners didn’t care–it was just sort of a “thing” that seemed to have been going on forever. Though I’ve no idea how long it really had been there. And of course today it is completely gone, with all the trees cut down and a few houses built there.

    1. Good point. I’m viewing the town kids vs private property through a ‘now’ lens, right? way back before the lawyers were ready&able to exploit liability laws.

  4. Yeah, these questions were never answered but in my head, as far as the stuff with the parents, I just assumed they both died at some point. He realized his mistake with Gage and took care of him but he could not prevent himself for repeating his mistake with his wife. The only logical solution would be for both of them to die. I imagine Ellie remained with the grand parents.

    As they say, location location location. The Creeds did a really shitty job of choosing a house. Young children, busy road, dead things buried on the property… nah.

  5. jilllora

    All the yeses! Because yes, all the questions! Sorry I ruined Johnny for you, though. 😦 I didn’t know he was Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day…I’d picture him more as blueberry pie, simply because of Willa Wonka and the blueberry girl, Violet I think her name was? Talk about creepy. Anyhoosie…I digress. I think we ultimately placed this one in about the same spot on our lists, even if our lists are so different. Still waiting for one of books to scare the pants off of me, though. I think we need to do Tommyknockers later this year. Misery…hmmm. I’ve already been scared by the movie, so I’m not sure about the book. I have a really hard time getting excited to read something I’ve already seen. You need to keep poking at me to get me to agree.

    1. Don’t worry, just watched Pirates of the Caribbean and I’m all good with Depp again. 😛

      MISERY! MISERY MISERY! I’ve never seen it but I do know the actors in it so that might spoil it some. I also have a non-King scary book in eBooks that might be scary: Joe Hills NOS4A2? Isn’t this supposed to be scary?

  6. Oh Care! I quite liked this one. I’m not reading the other comments so not sure if someone else mentioned this…and maybe I missed something, too, but I assumed that the pet sematary was just on pasture land. Not really belonging to anyone…though I guess it has to belong to SOMEONE, huh? But yes, super creepy that their parents would let them bury their pets there. Maybe after reading this one we can all agree that cremation is the way to go??

    I’m listening to The Wizard of Oz now and everytime they mention The Gweet and Tewwible Oz I think of Zelda. *shudders*

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