I was Meme-Tagged.

I was tagged or nominated to answer a few questions. I usually do what I am told. I rarely put up much argument. Whatever.

(Thank you Trisha!   smoooooooches!  I appreciate the being included, I do! I have always wanted a sister. xoxoxox)

1. What time of day do you typically read/do you prefer to read?
2. What is your strangest book related obsession?
3. Like which author do you wish you wrote?
4. Who do you think is the most over-rated author?
5. What do you think is the most over-rated book?
6. Which two authors would you like to see go head to head in a word-off (like a dance-off)?
7. I’ve always wanted to read Lord of the Rings in a cabin in the mountains or Nora Roberts in an Irish inn or The Woman in White in an abandoned asylum. What book-location pairing do you wish for?
8. Describe your bookish self in three words.
9. Name one of your favorite characters and what you would do with him/her if you had one day together.
10. If you had one extra day in the week, that nobody knew about and didn’t count, what would you with it?

THE ANSWERS (with the question rephrased as part of the answer like they try to teach in school.)
1. The time of day that I prefer to read is during the day. I like best to read outside in temperate weather with my dogs basking in the sunlight near me. I like to read on the boat, on a beach. I like to read in the tub with lots of bubbles and a glass of white wine that my husband refills as needed. I like to listen to audiobooks while walking the dogs and when driving around town. I do not  like to read in bed before sleep. I don’t think the posture of sitting in bed is ideal for me and I don’t like wondering where I was when I was so tired that I turned page after page without my memory keeping up the pace.
2. I can’t think of any book related obsession that I might have. Does keeping track of pie references while I read count? Or squealing with delight when my Twitter friends share pie references from books?
3. I wish I could write like Tracy Kidder. His narrative nonfiction is fabulous.
4. The most over-rated author in my opinion is…. Diana Gabaldon and/or  Ken Follett.
5. The most over-rated book is The Pillars of the Earth.
6. It could be interesting to see Kurt Vonnegut word-off with Haruki Murakami; if Vonnegut was available, that is.
7. A book-location pairing that I would wish for is to read anything by Virginia Woolf (but specifically a reread of To the Lighthouse) with a view of the ocean from St. Ives, Cornwall, England. In summer.
8. My bookish self in three words: Chatty, thoughtful, excited.
9. Liesel the Book Thief is one of my favorite characters and if we could have one day together, we would break into rich peoples’ libraries and steal their books then read them by the river while eating apples. But alas, the war would crowd ever-so closer and I’ll start to cry if I don’t figure out how to stop thinking about this book right now.
10. If I had one extra day in the week, that nobody knew about and didn’t count, I would watch movies.


FEEL FREE TO PLAY ALONG! How would YOU answer these questions?




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18 thoughts on “I was Meme-Tagged.

    1. I certainly would take a nap on that day but I can’t sleep for a whole 24 hours. Maybe I should say my extra day would have breakfast out, lounge by the pool reading a book, a nap, a massage, more reading, a movie and a cocktail, more reading, then sleep.

  1. I think you need to be meme-tagged more often – that was a fun read. I should make up a meme just so I can tag you and read your answers. And yes, tracking pie references is definitely a bookish obsession in my books. A very powerful one. Because whenever someone mentions pie, I automatically think, “Care!”.

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