Yes, Please

Thoughts yesplsabyap Yes, Please by Amy Poehler, Harper Audio 2014, 7 Hours 31 Minutes

Narrated by the author and her pals.

I’m so out of the reviewing mode. Let’s see…  I enjoyed this one very much. I think I enjoyed this more than I did the Tina Fey book, which I also listened to. I think memoirs by people of the comedic persuasion are best good (maybe EASY?) to listen to. Just like my experience with Tina Fey, I only know Amy by her work on Saturday Night Live. I never watched Fey’s primetime show – which I can’t even remember now what it was and I have never seen an episode of the Parks & Rec show that Poehler was on.

[I just don’t watch much television. Oh, I *do* watch television – but I tend to watch the Weather Channel, local news, the Food Network, flipper shows on HGTV, Big Bang Theory reruns during the cook-dinner phase of an evening and whatever sports programming my husband puts on. I don’t watch television when I am home alone. Don’t even remember to turn the damn thing on.]

I loved learning that Poehler is from the Boston area!  I found it hysterical that she went off on a rude dude flying first class when he got all uppity to her.

I think Poehler is pretty darn cool.

I wish her all the best in her future endeavors and I rate this 4 slices of pie.

P.S. Since I listened to this and it absolutely bugged me that I couldn’t tell the spelling of Amy’s childhood friend’s name so a big thank you shout out to the friend who let me know from her print version that Amy’s friend was named Keri. Yes, it is a big deal. If you have lived in New England, you may know why. Let’s just say that when I lived there I was constantly asked and apologized to whenever my name was discussed. It was fascinating, I tell ya! Accents and/or pronunciations boggle my brain.

I thought I had something else I wanted to share or remember for my post on this book but I can’t remember what it was so … oh well.

If you like comedy, if you like strong women and celebrate women, and admire people who succeed at their dreams whatever that definition of success may be, then you will likely like this book.




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24 thoughts on “Yes, Please

  1. I listened to this one as well as Tina’s book when it came out. I liked Tina’s better, but that’s me 🙂 I am looking forward to the Jon Cryer one that is coming out, I already have it coming on audio! YAY!

  2. Since I’ve listened to every other celebrity memoir lately, I feel like I probably should give this one a go too. Unfortunately, as much as I love Amy, I just can’t convince myself to download it or add it to my wish list for future credits. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! Amy really is an amazing lady!

      1. I have no idea. I think I may be burnt out on celebrity memoirs (says the girl who has at least one more in her Audible library). I am sure I will get to it some day. It took me a few years to get to Rob Lowe’s first one. In a few years, I suspect this will look more appealing to me.

        1. I listened to Rob Lowe’s first one. I am seeing a trend… I can now say that there are three distinct kinds of books I listen to: King books, long ass classics, and celebrity memoirs. huh.

    1. It is always interesting the gaps in popular culture, sometimes, right? I am surprised somewhat that you might not know of the Mean Girls movie that she did with Tina Fey or their hosting of the Golden Globes? I don’t know anything about these pop singers and some of the young actresses or may know the name but not the face and vice versa. We actually had a lady in our book club not know that Bruce Jenner was associated with the Kardashians and what all is up with him right now! Actually I respect that she didn’t know of it.

      Amy Poehler has some strong woman ideas and I respect her for the causes she supports.

  3. I listened to this audiobook because someone said it was funny to listen to. I agree; even without knowing much about Amy Poehler or her show(s), I enjoyed it. It’s nothing earth-shattering, but it’s entertaining.

  4. I have heard several people say that this was better than Bossy Pants. This one’s been tossed out as a book club choice but I’m curious as to whether or not a memoir from a comedian would make a good choice.

    1. I can’t remember why but I didn’t think the Fey book was only mildly interesting or funny? I don’t remember, really.
      As to whether or not it would make a good book club choice. Certainly some of the life philosophies are discussable – do what you love and let fame find you or not. Her loyalties and causes and her coming around to a feeling of privilege was intimately explored. Her diatribe on the evils of technology were brilliant. You just know that she would be one of those people you would laugh with if you hung out. I don’t think all comedians give off that same love-life-large ability. But hey, I could be wrong.

  5. I listened to this one as well and really enjoyed it. I read Tina Fey’s book back when it came out, but I think I might get it from audible one of these days and give it a listen.

    Another book I’d recommend which is similar (yet very different) from Yes, Please and Bossypants is “Girl Walks Into a Bar…” by Rachel Dratch, who was on SNL with both Fey and Poehler but has had a VERY different post-SNL life. It is excellent in audio.

  6. I can’t read memoirs written by comedians. I don’t know why. I admire Fey and Poehler but mostly for their hosting talents when it comes to the Golden Globes. Their comedy is never crass (imo). But I probably won’t ever read their books.

  7. This is my most recent audible purchase. Maybe I’ll listen to it next (after Where’d You Go Bernadette, which I’m loving). I’ve never watched Parks and Recs either but have heard good things. Loved 30 Rock (Fey) and liked Bossypants but I’ve heard this is better.

    And also love listening to celeb memoirs. Listened to No Land’s Man earlier this year (Assif Mandvi…who I don’t know either) and really liked it.

    Curious about the Carrie/Keri story…

    1. The adorable couple from Waco TX. And Nicole — LOVE Rehab Addict! I get so annoyed at the people that don’t ‘get it’ on Prop Brothers tho I realize it is the point of the show. House hunting always makes me want to binge watch this channel – it will ease off when I realize I am not buying a fixer upper. Which I didn’t. I do need to paint a bedroom, otherwise, our new house doesn’t need anything.

  8. Hm. I liked Bossypants but didn’t love it. I’ve seen Parks & Rec a few times and thought it was funny, but I liked Tina’s show too. Love both of them women so I’ll probably give this one a listen. Off to put it on hold at the library.

  9. I don’t watch much television either, and I really really enjoyed Yes, Please. More than I enjoyed Bossypants. Not that I didn’t like Tina Fey’s book, I just liked Yes, Please better.

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