A Song about Pi #ILovePie

Pielicious linkings for the ePIc Pi Day 2015…


Shockingly Delicious recipe blog presents 13 Things You Need To Know for Pi Day 2015


CNN’s story on Pi Day

pinterestlogox <– will link to my Pinterest Pie Board if you need a funky idea or two.

I’ll be baking a savory pie for my celebration today:  A Fried Green Tomato with Pimento Cheese Tart which also celebrates my new residence in the Carolinas. I’m also making something chocolate. More details as the day unfolds. Hopefully with one of me in my new tee, too. Say that real fast three times.

Check out what Jill’s got goin’ on over at Rhapsody in Books! (in which you might find a link back to here which makes it a circular reference! ha!!)

Happy Birthday Al! HBalbert Click here for an Instructable for Albert Einstein Pie


What PIE will you be enjoying today for Pi Day?

I was going to give you a link to all the pie books I’ve reviewed but I seem to tag the word “pie” a lot and don’t have a tag reserved exclusively for “pie book” and so this will have to happen another day. But you could click here for one, or Maman’s Homesick Pie, or Making Piece, or Beth Howard’s Pie Recipes, or for Ken Haedrick’s and there’s this or this or this… Now that I’ve typed that sentence and realize it is just as much work to bring up the posts to create the links as it might be to create a new tag and then tag the posts; sheeeesh, I’m tired. So nevermind. Doubtful anyway that anyone will care or even read this; we’re ALL busy. Too busy for this certainly! GO EAT SOME PIE.


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22 thoughts on “A Song about Pi #ILovePie

    1. There are SO MANY “ODD” pies in the world! My whole obsession started with wondering why they rarely used pears. And then I started collecting other weird pies – like grape, and carrot, etc. Now I collect anything I haven’t already attempted before.


    I completely failed to plan for Pi Day this year! Maybe I’ll scramble and put something together… But I’m also writing this comment from my bed, so maybe not. 🙂

    1. Get ready for June 28 for TAU DAY (two pi(e) day) – or June 9 is Strawberry Rhubarb Day and then July 22 is Pi Approximation Day! I have a list somewhere of ALL the pie days in a year… But this was the big one.

  2. Thanks for linking to my Pi Day post! I had some fun with that. Although any post about pi / pie is naturally fun. And HEY, I read all the way to the bottom and tried to click on the links and they are PRETEND links. I want the links! 🙂

  3. Ooooh, I spy Pet Sematary in your header!! But more importantly, happy pi day CarePie!!! 🙂 I think we’ll have a nice strawberry rhubarb to celebrate. I’ll take some of your chocolate, too. Yum! But no thank you on the fried tomato and pimento. 😉

  4. Happy Pi day, Care! Every time I saw a Pi post, I immediately thought of you 🙂 And oh my, but do I ever love savoury pies. The world needs more savoury pies, I think – and the cheesier, the better!

    1. Can you believe that I still haven’t made the chicken pot pie recipe in the Year of Pies book? I can’t. I have made quite a few of the other more interesting and unique savory/savoury pies, though.

    1. I think it would make a creative pizza. That’s what I might do next time – use a pizza crust. But it was good! I did a good job frying the tomatoes.

  5. Oh my goodness, can I just tell you delicious that chocolate French silk pie I made on Pi day was?! So glad Pi day inspired me to make pies…and now I’m wanting to make some more!

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