Made My Day; Readers are THE BEST

Blogging about books has changed in many ways over the years, probably change universally experienced, but also most particularly and specifically for me. When I started, I actually had a ‘life’ blog and met some really creative fun people whom I am still friends with, and yet only on Facebook. That may be a whole ‘nother topic and I don’t want to digress off my main intentions for this post.

Those blog friends weren’t really interested in my sharing what books I was reading so I thought I would start up one exclusively devoted to books. I had been discovering such and thought it was terribly exciting. Somewhere to talk about books!! And yet, my initial goals were to create a place for my family to talk about books. My mom, aunties, cousins, etc. all live far away from me so an online book club would be PERFECT! or so I thought. Turns out that despite good intentions, it is hard to create an online book club for specific people. They just have different priorities when it comes to spending time online, I think.

But I started to make friendships with these anonymous readers and they had the most wonderful book reviews available and they were willing to talk about books. The book blogger community was just beginning and I was a part of it. It was a thrilling time! Dewey’s Weekly Geeks and the Read-A-Thon, Book Blogger Appreciation Week and Bloggiesta, etc. were just starting or about to be BIG ideas. It was IMPOSSIBLE to keep up and meet everyone and know everyone and I admit I was crazed with it. BEA came – and I am super glad I went to the first BBC! and Google Reader came and went.

Then I slowed down and stopped participating. I had my circle, perhaps it was a clique, I am not sure. I do think cliques are shakily viewed from within and always provides opportunities to second guess and do the self-doubt dance. But I had my friends and only so much time and I no longer explored trying to meet new bloggers. I was very content to read my books and write up my little thoughts and keep plugging.

Sure, every so often I reflect that I might need to go explore more. I believe that there is an energy connection that gets created between post and comments and sometimes it sparks and sometimes it doesn’t and that’s OK. Do I wonder sometimes how come I can comment over and over and over at an inspired blogger’s amazing reviews and why they never visit my blog?  Sure, but I’m an adult and supposed to be over that. Do I feel bad when I fail to visit a blog and comment when I should because they have commented more at mine than I comment there?  Yep. I do, but… Whatever. Get over it. I’m hoping that the connections we are supposed to make are the ones we do feed with time and attention. or something.

I’m rambling. I’ll shut up. The point? The point is that sometimes these “maybe few rather than numerous” connections we make are AWESOME!  Appreciate!! and not just bloggers, but GOODREADs-ers and FBers and of course, my Twitter Peeps. AWESOME.

IMG_1245 I have made a wonderful friend via book blogging and she just sent me this amazing care package!!  I am in tears with the awe of how wonderful I feel knowing that readers = people who love books truly are the nicest people. In awe that the online book world I move in is mostly positive, that the horrid trolling and negativity that is often online and occasionally boils into drama even in the bookblogdom but rarely and is still not all that awful (or I skirt it most likely), is just a nice place. I like my warm corner of the blogosphere.

I hope you can go out of your way and do something unexpectedly awesome in your day today for someone else just because. I hope to.

And I’m SO EXCITED I have something appropriate to wear on Saturday!!

Thank you, Ruthiella! I am so touched. Thank you thank you thank you.


PS – She didn’t send the beer. Only the incredibly adorable tee and the books: Dept of Speculation by Jennifer Offill and The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes. And the book mark. The beer just snuck into the photo for some reason…

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37 thoughts on “Made My Day; Readers are THE BEST

  1. Such a happy post today! 🙂

    I agree that it can be easy to feel like you’ve found your circle of 10-15 bloggers that you read regularly and comment back-and-forth with and end up not exploring more. Another factor is that it’s HARD to keep up with all of the bloggers we’d like to! I know personally that my Feedly is bursting with unread content—not because I don’t want to read their posts and interact, but there’s just so. many. It’s tough to find the time! All we can do is try our best, right? (And, as we discussed yesterday, Twitter helps!)

    I wholeheartedly agree that book bloggers are the nicest. I was telling my boyfriend about something one of my blogging friends said, and he said, “Oh my god, these people sound JUST like you.” That made me smile. 🙂

  2. Beer is like that sometimes.

    This post is lovely. But Darlin’, of course those special connections you make are awesome! I think you attract special people because YOU are so damn special!!! You’re such always a breath of fresh air; you make people smile all the frickin’ time; you exude this positively that feels so genuine that I think it becomes contagious! So be blissfully happy and grateful for your awesome friends, but don’t ever be surprised because you deserve nothing less! 😀

  3. Well written and I wholeheartedly agree! You know my story… shoot, you are a part of it roomie! 🙂 I love the connections made on line here in our bookish community and some of them, like you, became three dimensional when we met at BEA. I have made life ling friendships doing this crazy blogging thing and chatting up books and I love it. Thanks for a cheery post and inspiring me to do something nice for someone today!

    1. Well, Kathy, I can tell you exactly what happened and I know you will appreciate: I was going to include it as the photo for my untappd entry. Not sure I got that far, though!

  4. How very nice! I love it when I hear about things like this. And I agree that book bloggers are some of the nicest people. I mean, they listen when you want to talk about books. And if you ever ask a question, you usually get a multitude of answers and suggestions. Enjoy your treats!

  5. Hear hear to everything you said! I know that occasionally there is drama, but really, my experience has overwhelmingly been that book bloggers are the nicest and loveliest humans. I cherish my wonderful book blogging friends (including you, madam!).

    1. Oh yea, Weekly Geeks… I was extremely geeky about it. Is that when we met?! Although I remember meeting you and BEA and thinking you were REALLY cool.

  6. First of all, that shirt is awesome! (And so, so you!!)

    I love this post. It made me smile at the end of a very long day/week/month/year. More importantly, it makes me want to get back out there and blog again. I miss everyone too much!

  7. That is an awesome shirt! I have been looking forward to Pi day for weeks. We are making apple pie at my house. I can hardly wait. I very much enjoyed your post. I am forever surprised and happy about how many connections I’ve made online with so many people who love books.

  8. Oh, Care, this is just such a lovely, beautiful post. I know exactly what you mean about this book blogging community. I’m very much an introvert, except there are certain people I “click” with, with whom I can talk from day one. That’s how I tend to make my friends, something just clicks and I can *talk* to them, easily, without any effort. I find this happens even more frequently online – there are a number of bloggers I’ve met online that I’d love to meet in person (you’re one of them). And for me (I’m the one at dos who stands by the buffet table and eats without talking to anyone) that really says something.

    1. Which only highlights the awkwardnesses that happen when actually trying to converse with those people that you can sense a repel-click, right? No offense as to who they are, it’s just a no-click situatio. I have an acquaintance that I get thrown into with and can’t for the life of me find ANYTHING to talk about!
      I SO want to visit Toronto. I think it is a positive city for me…

  9. This is so sweet!! I’m glad you’ve found such amazing, caring friends.

    When I first started book blogging I was excited at the prospect of having people to talk to about books (obviously), but it really turns into so much more than that. So naturally, you don’t even notice it happening. The few really close book blogging friends I have are the most interesting, generous people I know. And my less close book blogging friends still amaze me with their kindness and integrity daily! I’m really inspired by all of you ❤

  10. Love this post, Carrie! I had a similar experience earlier this week. THREE book bloggers sent me packages I wasn’t expecting. Okay, they were really for Gage but I still teared up a little at how wonderful this book community is.

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