Thoughts mabyma MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood, DoubleDay 2013, 394 pages

UPDATED:  Just go read Jeanne’s post instead.

Possibly some spoilers ahead (and above! uh oh) but if you know me, I’m still pretty vague. I’m assuming if you read on, that you’ve probably read at least one of this series. Is that proper English; “one of this series” – doesn’t sound right… oh well.


Ok FANs! I will just say. I was disappointed. Disappointed in the way when you go to a Cubs game and they lose. Maybe this is a horrible analogy, forgive me as I plow through this anyway.

I love the Cubs. They lose a lot or seldom make the play offs, whatever. And Wrigley Field is AWESOME, win or lose. But it would be SO FUN to go to Chicago, catch a Cubs game AND have them win!

So when I rather quickly (very quickly, in my case) rushed to get the third in the series of MaddAddam after finishing The Year of the Flood, I seriously hoped I would LURRRVE it! I knew the characters, felt comfortable with the world-building, pretty much knew what was up, etc.

But Toby, my badass smart bitch favorite, all of a sudden was pathetically worried about Zeb sleeping around and I didn’t quite figure out why it made more sense to live under a picnic shelter rather than the AnooYoo Spa compound (I’m sure there were good reasons) and the blue people sort of annoyed me.

There I said it.

I still was excited to be in Wrigley Field watching my Cubbies. But, continuing with the weak analogy, MaddAddam Part 3 wasn’t a winner. But still good! just not a winner. I liked the first two books better. And since I can barely recall what exactly happened with Jimmy – Crake – Oryx at the end of Book 1 and this makes me sad, this added to my bummered feeling.

Rating:  Three slices of pork pie. Or pigoon pie if you prefer. Hey – I didn’t make the pact! It’s British Pie Week and you can bet they are making some pies with pork to celebrate.

britpieweek With a kudzu leaf salad on the side.




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24 thoughts on “MaddAddam

  1. I loved the way this one was told, especially the word “fuck.” So much of what Toby felt in control of had slipped from anyone’s control, and yet in the end, she’s still one of the people in charge of telling the story.

    1. Hmmm, good perspective. I probably didn’t have enough of that when I was reading this. Thanks

      And I agree, I thought the handling of “Oh Fuck” was superbly brilliant.

    1. She is very smart and also has a great sense of humor. And she writes a lot of different stuff! I thought The Blind Assassin especially impressive! You might start there? It’s not dystopia. 🙂

  2. I loved Oryx & Crake and The Year of the Flood. I couldn’t even get through Maddaddam because I just didn’t care about Zeb at all. I felt very let down by that book.

  3. Ruthiella

    I totally agree, I was very disappointed in the way Toby went from wonder woman in The Year of the Flood to twittering teen in Maddaddam. My feeling is that Atwood had a bit of a crush on old Zeb herself, since this book contains so much of his back story.

    I was also a little disappointed in the Amanda/Jimmy connection. In Oryx and Crake, I had the feeling she didn’t like him much at all…I thought she saw him for the loser he was.

    It was worth the read for how this last book ties the first two together and then moves forward in time, but no where near as good as either Oryx and Crake or The Year of the Flood IMO.

  4. I had to skim the comments and some of your post because I haven’t read ANY of the trilogy (?) yet. GoodReads doesn’t mind all your lovely stream-of-consciousness tags, I guess, unlike the uptight folks at LibraryThing!

        1. oh, right, yes, but in goodreads case they are categories (or shelves) that wouldn’t/couldn’t translate to whatever LT wanted. Tags on the blog are different.

  5. Too bad you didn’t like as much as you had hoped. I loved this one and I loved Toby. I wasn’t so very annoyed about her worrying over Zeb. I thought there was great humor in the book too.

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